By Seina Ogino

Cause of influenza:

Influenza is caused by the influenza virus.

How is influenza transmitted?

The disease is transmitted people to people and then spreads worldwide. It is spread by coughing, sneezing, and direct contact with objects that have the virus.

What are the symptoms of influenza?

Influenza's symptoms are fever, much coughings, sore throat, stuffy nose, body aches, headaches, a cause of weariness, and many children will have diarrhea.

How is influenza treated?

Influenza is treated with antiviral medicines. When medication is used as treatment, it does not eliminate flu symptoms, but it can reduce the harshness and continuance in time by about one day.

Ways you can prevent yourself from getting influenza.

You can prevent yourself from getting influenza by getting a flu vaccine as soon as possible. You should wash your hands with soap, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, and cover your nose and mouth with tissue while sneezing.

Interesting facts about influenza:

  • The word "influenza" comes from an Italian word, meaning "to influence", describing the origin and discovery of this disease.
  • Influenza is the 6th leading cause of death among American adults.
  • About 36 thousand people die from it and 114 thousand are taken to the hospital.
  • Different kinds of influenza arise each year and new medicine is made every year.