Technology Tidbits

Cathy Fields ITF

September 23, 2015 Volume 2

Can I update my iPad to IOS9?

Once technology approves the IOS9 update an email will be sent and it will be posted on the 1:X site.

Chromebook Update & LISD App Store

Still a work in progress....Stay tuned!

Until then, I'd love to show you some Web 2.0 tools that work on the iPad. Check out this Symbaloo of IPad compatible tools.

Wonder about

Wonderopolis is great digital tool for both computers and the iPad. Wonderopolis supports all levels of learners, student choice, and all content areas. There are so many ways to use Wonderopolis in your classroom! It is a great tool for fast finishers and GT students. Last week I enjoyed co-teaching a Wonderopolis lesson with a 4th grade class. Let me know if you would like more information.
Ready, Set, Wonderopolis!
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Coding...It's for everyone!

I was excited to attend the training last week and would love to share what I learned. The program is very student driven, has a step-by-step teacher's guide and many "unplugged" lessons that do not require a device. It is another great tool for your fast finishers and GT students. Watch this inspiring video and email me if you would like to start coding! is a web based tool that works on the iPad. NO app required!