Malala THEME Move Me Quotes

By : The Phenomenal Creator CALEB D'AMICO!!!!


The First Theme

Love conquers all...

I chose this theme because on page 133 it had said "where are my parents? Was my father hurt? Was he alive?" This fits my theme because she only cares about her family. That I call love! This moves me because it just shows me how much love can help no matter what. I guess now I need to be more mushy gushy with my parents. Just kidding!!! This ended up being significant to the story because

The Second Theme

Perseverance Is Key...

An example of this is when she was shot then she kept on persevering. Guess what!? She was not even mad at the person that shot her! A partial example is on page 130 when it said that she heard a "crack crack crack" Then on page 137 she kept persevering by trying to find her father. These were in Chapters 23-24

The Third Theme

Family is Everything

On page 137 she will not stop asking for her father. Also on page 133 she wants to know were her family is. This is important because if she had not gone to the Birmingham Hospital than most likely she would have died. So since she was in the Birmingham Hospital she gets to live and hopefully see her family again.

The Fourth Theme

Don't Let Fear Take Over

This works as a theme because when Malala was shot she did not let fear take over her body. This was an important part because when she was shot it made her move on. That ment that fear did not take over her body.

The Fifth Theme

Go with the Flow

An example of Malala going with the flow is once she was shot she kept going with it and did not even stagger. She was not even mad at the person who shot her! On page 130 she was shot and on page 172 she was released from the hospital and on her way. If she was never released from the hospital than Malala could not have done some of the things she had done.

Move me Quotes

#1 " I will continue this journey of fighting for peace and democracy in my country." Page 55

This moves me because no matter what this little girl named Malala will be fighting for us. For peace, democracy, and other things great.

#2 " Bless all the world." Page 59

This moves me because it just gets you in the heart. You know that someone out there actually cares about you and loves you.

#3 "Next Time, I will not be so nice to you." Page 93

This moved me in a bad way. When the man said this I thought that he was mean. I also could not believe how evil people on Earth could be.

#4 "I may have been getting attention from around the world, but I was still the same old Malala to them." Page 113

This moved me because it means that no matter if you are famous you are the same old person to you family. This could be relaxing at times.

#5 "I was only ten, but I knew then that somehow I would find a way." Page

This moved me because even though it seemed impossible she would still try. If she had not tried she would have been famous. She only got famous because she tried to get girls the education they deserve.