Adolf Hitler

Holland Craft 6th period

Adolf Hitler:Had he lost his mind or was he just evil? Adolf Hitler had many things happen to him during his lifetime that could have prompted mental instability. He lost most of his family at a young age. He had many things wrong with his physical health. Adolf Hitler had many hidden reasons as why he was evil. But is that what caused him to be so mean, and to kill so many people?

Adolf Hitler had many losses in his life. Hitler lost many family members before and after he was born. Hitler's parents had 3 dead children before he was born. His brother died less than a year after he was born. He grew up with only one sister. His dad died when he was 13 and his mom when he was 18. Hitler's health was very messed up. Not only did Hitler show many mental things wrong with him like "Paranoia,Depression, and narcissism, he also suffered from high blood pressure and heart trouble." The text also said "Hitler had Spina Bifida Occulta, hypospadia, and many more.

Almost all his family died when he was very young. Hitler's mother and father had already had 3 children and they all died before he was born. Hitler's health had many things wrong with it. He had 8 health issues. Many people have their own thoughts as to why Hitler did what he did. Yes, he did have many health problems. Yes, he did experience much loss at a young age, but his evil acts were not because he was mentally ill. Crazy or not Hitler was wrong to kill all those people.