By Jordan Culverhouse

Facts about Perfect:

. Perfect was made in 2005

. This was by Motionhouse

. The choreography by Kevin Finnan and the Company

. The set design by Simon Dormon

. The music by Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson

. The costume design by Claire Armitage (black knee length dresses, neck line differs, no shoes, no accessories(GIRLS) (white shirt, black trousers, no shoes and no accesories(BOYS)

. It,s a box set- ladders, metal cage/frame and sand

. The white screen is a guaze

. 3 different types of light- wash, pool and natural

MOTIF 1- Sands

. Firstly, we start off on the floor on our knees. (Make sure that you start off with a straight back as well to show your posture.)

. Secondly, with our right arm/hand we drag our arm forwards, whilst dropping our heads, and then we bring it back.

. Next, with the same arm we do a big circle dragging our hand across the floor until we reach the top, which is facing forwards.

. We throw our arm backwards sharply with our head as well, so we are looking at the back of the room.

. Next, we bring our arm in and do another big circle with our hand dragging along the floor, with the same arm to reach the top again. Then with the arm we bring it in next to our right knee and do two little circles.

. We lean on our right hand and we push all our weight onto it and we move our right leg first and our left leg afterwards, and we were facing the corner.

. Lastly, we swing our left leg round to be pointing at the front and (make sure your right arm is behind you.) We push up so that our weight should be on our shoulder holding us up.

MOTIF 2- Legs

. Firstly, for this motif we start off with both of our legs together and then we do a jump and then another one, but when we land the second one we have your right leg sticking out to the side.

. Secondly, we walk onto our right foot and the left foot and to bring it together to turn to the front is our right foot joining together.

. Next, we do a backwards leg circle, starting off with our left leg and then our right leg. When we go and put our right foot on the floor it crosses over with our left leg.

. Next we open our right leg, which is over the left leg, and with our right leg open its more easy for us to do the leap.

. When we land the leap we our right foot on the floor we quickly turn to the back of the room and with our left leg we step together to finish this motif.

MOTIF 3- Solo

. Firstly, we start of by doing a circular spring. We step on our left foot and with our right foot we drag it across the floor to face the corner of the room afterwards. With our arms they start off with them on our hearts (one hand on top of the other) and when the left legs steps we burst our arms open, whilst our right leg is dragging across the floor.

. Secondly, we have four runs heading to the top corner of the room. Our runs start off with left, right, left and then lastly right.

. Next, we add one more step in, which is our left leg, and jump in the air with our right leg out and our right arm swing round in a circle at the time.

. Then, we land in the top corner of the room with our right knee facing into the corner and our arms relaxed.

. Lastly, we do a step ball change starting with our left leg heading to the bottom corner of the room, and we freeze for as bit, and we do another step ball change with our left leg again, and the we drop down to the floor with our left leg straight and our right leg bent. Our arms are out in front us.

MOTIF 4- Rakes

. Firstly, we start off in a jazz forth and our hands/arms in front of us straight.

. Secondly, we bring our right arm up in the air and with our heads we follow it up, and then we bring it down sharply

. Next, we do a shunt forwards, so that your right leg is kicking your left leg out of the way.

. Then, we swish our left leg backwards and then we do a jump. With our arms they swish up in a 90 degree angle and they need to be straight.

. Lastly, we do a little turn to face the front and we wait for a couple of seconds. After the wait we our right hand we grab our left hands wrist and we swing that up in the air. When we swing it in the air we bend our knees and our heads as well(makes sure its sharp.)