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help me to remember to come to you when I am feeling overwhelmed.

You promise to take my heavy burdens, and replace them with the things that are much easier to carry.

When I am tired and sad, remind me to come to you, the One who loves me, and let me rest in you.


Matthew 11:25.30


As calendar dates can be subject to change, please always confirm events by checking our website -

29 October

  • Day For Daniel Awareness - Please wear something red in support
  • World Teachers' Day

2 November

  • Reconciliation Retreat (Year 3)

3 November
  • Yr 5 Excursion - Scitech

5 November

  • Merit Award Assembly @ 8.45am


  • Pupil Free Day - 19 November
  • Christmas Concert - 3 December 6.45pm
  • Last Day of Term 4 for students - 10 December


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Year 3 Reconciliation

Last Tuesday night we had our parent/child workshops for Penance. Thank you to Mario Borg from 24/7 Youth Ministry for presenting the workshops. Thank you to Mrs Michelle Dastlik, our Sacramental coordinator, Mrs Peach, Miss Buckingham and Mrs Williams for all your hard work in preparing the children.

The topics of focus for our Year 3 students are: Moral Choices, Sin, Forgiveness, Examination of Conscience, and the Ten Commandments.

In Baptism, we begin to live as followers of Jesus. We live as his disciples. As Jesus’ disciples, we want to make good choices. The Holy Spirit guides us in making good choices. He is our special helper. Some choices are easy. I might choose whether to eat an apple or a banana for lunch.

Other choices are not so easy. Sometimes I have to choose between what’s right and what’s wrong. This is called making a moral choice.

If I’m not sure a choice is a good one, this is what I do:

1. I stop before I act

2. I think about the Ten Commandments

3. I ask help from my parents, my teacher, a priest, or a deacon

4. I pray to the Holy Spirit to help me choose.

Click on the link below for more information:


With regards to our Uniform Policy can I just highlight our stance on haircuts. Firstly, a big thanks to the parents who follow the policy – much appreciated! Having ‘over the top’ or aggressive haircuts is not appropriate at school. Can I please ask parents to use common sense when getting their children’s haircut. I understand the ‘Dusty Martin’ is a craze in boys’ fashion, however, it is one for the holidays and not for school please. We expect our students to be neat and tidy and avoid making school a competition about who has the coolest haircut. Over 90% of our students will be attending either Sacred Heart, Mater Dei or even Prendiville in high school next year or into the future; these haircuts will not be accepted there either. I have had a gentle chat to some of the students and I am happy to say they have been really good about it – I think they knew they were ‘bending’ the rules slightly so if parents could help this get sorted, I would appreciate your support.

Staff Appointment 2022

I am pleased to announce Mrs Rosemary Martin has been appointed EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding) teacher and coordinator for 2022 at St Luke’s. This is a new position I have created to support mathematical learning for students and staff.

Rosemary is currently EMU teacher at St Peter’s CPS, Bedford where she has extensive experience in the Mathematical Learning Area. She has taught ECE and Middle/Upper EMU for a period of ten years plus provided quality mathematical support to teachers around programming, support, extension, data and open ended tasks. She has been teaching for more than 25+ years across many schools and even at an International School in Oman.

Rosemary will be taking up her new position at St Luke’s on 1 January 2022.

Miss Georgia Mola has been appointed Pre Primary teacher at Queen of Apostles from 1 January 2022. We wish to thank Georgia for her contribution to Year One and to St Luke’s. We wish you the very best for your teaching career.

Interschool Athletics Carnival 2021

Congratulations to all the students who represented St Luke’s at last Friday’s Interschool Athletics Carnival. To all the children who participated, congratulations on your outstanding effort; we were so proud of you for the way you gave your very best and showed tremendous sportsmanship. We are very proud of you all. A special thank you to Mr Noseda for training the children not only in Physical Education lessons but in his lunch breaks too. Thank you to Mrs Prince and Mrs Pollard for supporting the students too on the day. Awesome effort by everyone involved!

All Saints' Day - Nov 1 & All Souls' Day - Nov 2


These two special days remind us that God has a special plan for everyone. Before we were born, God willed for us to live with Him forever. When we were baptised, we became part of a special family called the ‘Communion of Saints’, who share in Jesus’ gift of His holiness.

The saints are people who said “yes” to God’s plan for them and are now in heaven. Some were children and young people, some were mothers and fathers, some were monks, priests or nuns, and some were single people. On All Saints’ Day we praise and thank God for what He has done for us through these holy people. We ask the saints to pray for us that we might love our God and neighbour the way Jesus taught us. On All Souls’ Day, we pray for all people who have died. We ask God to bring them to the joyful banquet of heaven to be with God and the saints forever.

At school we will recall those loved ones who have passed away during our prayers throughout November. There will be a Book of Remembrance in the Church, in which you can write the names of those loved ones for whom families would like us to pray.

God Moments

Watching the children have great fun dancing, singing and enjoying each other’s company at last Friday’s Disco. Thank you to the P&F, Year 3 parents and Mrs Cragg for making the disco a very special community event. A job very well done and God bless you all!

Andrew Kelly




WHAT: All Soul’s Mass

WHEN: Thursday 4 November

TIME: 9.30am

WHERE: St Luke’s Church

We would love St Luke’s families to join us to remember those special members who have passed away into eternal life.

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BYOD Portal

For any parents wishing to purchase an iPad for 2022, please find the discounted pricing via this portal link:

Due to recent change in insurance legislation there is currently no option to purchase Apple Care for BYOD iPads. JB Hifi are working with Apple on a solution and hope to have something in place in time for delivery, where we hope you will be able to purchase Apple Care. Parents are advised to investigate home and contents insurance options as an interim measure.

If you would like to bring in your own iPad for the BYOD program, please ensure it is at least a Series 8 with at least 64GB of storage. These need to be dropped off (completely wiped) to the school in Week 8 of this term so that we can enrol them into our JAMF management system. We will aim to have them back to you by the end of that week.

Thank you for your help and assistance with this initiative.

Save The Date! 3rd December 6.45pm

We are excited to announce this year's Christmas Concert will be a wonderful affair! We will have performances from all classes from Pre-Primary to Year 6. Please be mindful that all children from PP-6 are expected to attend this event. In some cases, an absent student can affect the dance choreography and let the class down. Thank you for your understanding.

"Day for Daniel" - Keeping kids safe!

Tomorrow is the designated ‘Day for Daniel’. This annual event, conducted by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, is a National Day of Action to raise awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention. We also ask that everyone storm the heavens with prayers for the little girl Cleo from Carnarvon who is missing.

As a school, we join in the ‘Day for Daniel’ as part of our support to the family and our commitment to Child Protection. We use ‘Day for Daniel’ to annually focus on our responsibilities in regard to student protection. The day is not a fundraiser; but will provide our school community with the opportunity to refresh our training in relation to student protection and raise awareness about the importance of teaching children about their own protection.

Students are asked to wear a red shirt or red accessories (e.g. red hairbands, red socks), along with their school sport shorts, in support and recognition of this important day. Classes will take part in a child safety lesson on the day, from the website, which has been set up by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and is in alignment with our Keeping Safe Curriculum.

Louis on the Phones!

We have a new automated phone system here at St Luke's! A big thank you to Louis Von Bergheim who rercorded it all for us. We hope this makes life a little easier for our community when calling through to the school.

Click on the image above to complete activities based around this week's Gospel reading.

If you have some great news or any achievements to share in the newsletter, we would love to hear from you:

Have a lovely week!

Maura Killalea & Sarah Williams


Interschool Athletics

Congratulations to all the children who participated in last Friday's Interschool Athletics. There were many outstanding performances and personal bests and children overcoming nerves to perform well. It was especially pleasing to see some children filling in for others even without much notice.

Thanks to the parents who helped in many ways and to Mrs Pollard and Mrs Prince who were outstanding.

Just a reminder that Running club is still on Every Friday.

Rob Noseda


Discovery Kids - 2022

Please click here to read an important letter to parents from our new OSHC providers for 2022.

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St Vinnies Christmas Appeal - 2021

Christmas for many of us is a time of happiness and celebration as we gather with our family and friends sharing meals, laughing and chatting as we open presents. However, for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage Christmas can be a challenging time. We can help!

The Year 6 classes of St Luke’s will be working with the St. Luke’s Parish to coordinate collecting goods to create Christmas Hampers.

These hampers will be delivered to families in need over Christmas.

Each Year group will receive a basket to collect goods for the hampers.

We appreciate and thank you for your support and generous donations.

Here is a list of goods your class will be collecting:


Tinned Baked Beans, Tinned Spaghetti, Christmas Napkins, Bon Bons


Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding, Fruit Mince Pies


Chocolates, Lollies, Potato Chips, Corn Chips


Long Life Milk, Long Life Custard, Tinned Fruit, Savoury Biscuits, Sweet Biscuits


Tomato Sauce, Pasta – Penne, Shells, Spirals, Dry Spaghetti, Pasta Sauce


Weetbix, Long Grain Rice, Simmer Sauce for Rice, Tinned Fish,


Jam or Peanut Butter or Vegemite, Tinned Vegetables, Four Bean Mix


Fruit Juice, Tea Bags, Coffee, 2 Minute Noodles (5 pack)

All donations are due by: Wednesday 1st December (Week 8)


Students not returning in 2022

Student positions at St Luke's are highly sought after in the community. If you are not returning to St Luke's in 2022 please notify the office as soon as possible by emailing

Thank you


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Lost Property

The office continues to get a large amount of lost property each day.

Please make sure your child's school clothing, lunch boxes, drink bottles and containers are clearly labelled. It is very difficult to return these items to the student when it is not labelled.

  • Unlabelled Lunch boxes, containers & drink bottles are kept for 1 week then thrown out.
  • All items that come to the office with a name are returned to the student through the class teacher.

School and Family Spotlight

Introducing Zoe

Congratulations to the Garratt family on their new addition to the family, Zoe.
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Student Achievement

Olivia Pudelek won Bronze on Vault in National level 4 at this year’s WA Gymnastics Championships held last weekend on 23rd October.

Congratulations, Olivia!

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Mia Uusimaki, won 1st Place this weekend at the WA State Championships in Tumbling and now holds title of State Champion 2021.
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What a wonderful evening we had last Friday night at our P&F Disco!!! So many staff and parents from St Luke’s came together to facilitate a great time for our students with over 385 attending. DJ Sarah Cragg, our super gifted AUSLAN teacher also brought the tunes to make sure everyone danced up a storm. Sarah donated her time and expertise for the entire night, and we really appreciate the joy you brought to the school community.

A massive thank you also goes to the year 3 parents for all the planning and organizing you have done in the weeks leading up to Friday. A special mention goes to Yvonne and Tammy for facilitating a successful night! The sausages ‘were the best I’ve ever had’ according to some of the kids.

Besides the sports carnival cake stall/BBQ and last Friday’s disco the P&F has also been contributing to other projects underway at St Luke’s. Last Wednesday at our P&F meeting it was decided that the P&F would sponsor the synthetic grass around the soon to be established memorial garden near the Performing Arts Centre. We are proud to be contributing to this beautiful area and we know the school community will benefit from having the reflective space for years to come.


Another project that will recommence Friday, 29.11.21 is our St Luke’s Playgroup.

For all younger siblings and carers of St Luke’s community and for those who are in the wider community.

It will be held in the Kindy Green classroom after school drop off every Friday morning, please spread the word to those who would enjoy this time with their little ones. Join the Facebook group for up-to-date details. Playgroup at St Luke’s CPS Woodvale or please contact Melinda 0409940085 for any queries.

Don’t forget to scan the WA Safe App and sign in the ‘playgroup book’ in the classroom.

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World Teachers' Day

Finally, Friday, 29 October is World Teachers' Day and with that we take this opportunity to thank all the hard-working staff at St Luke’s. Your dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and encouragement towards the students and families in our school does not go unnoticed and we are grateful for all the times you have emptied yourselves for this special vocation of teaching!

Kathryn Peake

P&F President

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Welcome to Mass everyone and a big welcome to all new parishioners and visitors to our

Parish of St Luke, Woodvale.

If you are new to our parish, we invite you to complete the Visitors Book in the foyer.

Fr. Stephen would also love to meet you, so please introduce yourself after Mass. You are welcome to visit us at the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am—2.30pm.

For more information about our wonderful St Luke's Parish and to read the current

Bulletin please click here.

25 Years for Father Stephen

Father Stephen celebrated his 25th anniversary of his ordination. Let us all pray in gratitude for Fr. Stephen on his wonderful occasion. Thank you Fr. Stephen and may God continue to bless you and all your good work.
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24:7 Woodvale Youth Group

2nd and 4th Friday Nights.

7pm-9pm in the Parish Hall.

Grades 6 to 12.

For more information call Luke on 0401822932

Community News

Council for Catholic Women

THURSDAY 18 November 5.30-8.30pm - Continuing the Dialogue: Observations and reflections on the First Plenary Council Assembly

The opening session of the Plenary Council concluded on October 10 after an intense week of prayer, discussion and discernment.

The Council for Catholic Women Perth warmly invites you to hear Perth's women members share their experience of the first assembly of the Plenary Council.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions and to contribute to this dialogue. Men and women are all welcome.

Venue : James Nestor Hall ,Catholic Education Office 50 Ruislip St West Leederville

When: Thursday 18 November, 5.30pm - 8.30pm (Light refreshments served 5.30pm - 6pm)

RSVP: Tuesday 16 November by email or mobile 0400 886 835

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