Stop Overfishing Today!!!!!!!

How to stop overfishing

Lots of people don’t know about the problem overfishing. This means that, as people, we need to educate others of this problem. If everyone knew about this problem, overfishing probably wouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Seafood restaurants demand more fish when people eat more of their food. This means that we need to try to not go to seafood restaurants as much or maybe go there once in a while. As a community, people should try to let seafood restaurants know that they need to also stop overfishing because they are one of the reasons it is a problem.

Create groups, movements or even discussions that are aimed to protect overfishing from becoming a bigger problem. This can get attention from the government or from the state to help stop overfishing. Areas could be banned from fishing to stop fisheries from overfishing because of the states or government banning them.

Know what you eat. If you’re eating a fish, pick fish that aren’t endangered from becoming extinct. This would leave a less impact on overfishing and help stop overfishing. I believe that people should eat fish that isn’t endangered because fisheries would target the fish that isn’t endangered.

Why Overfishing is a Problem

People on earth are fishing a large mass of fish, to where the fish cannot reproduce fast enough to sustain the population. Overfishing doesn’t only affect the fish, it affects all the animals in the ecosystem. If there aren’t enough fish then the organisms that the fish ate would get to populous. Then the organisms that they ate would become extinct overtime. Also the organisms that eat the fish would die out because they wouldn’t have enough food to eat. Then all the other animals that are higher in the food chain would die out till the ecosystem is completely destroyed.

Impact of Overfishing

The over fishing of fish will lead to extinction of all fish in a few decades if we do not do anything. According to marine ecologists overfishing is the number one reason for dying ecosystems in the ocean. At the same time it distorts the the food chain of the oceans and the consequences will ripple up and down the food chain. There have been many more closures to fisheries including the Atlantic Canadian Cod Fishery in 1990.

Overfishings effects also aren’t as far away as they seem. Big investments and jobs will be lost. Fishing for particular species also contributes to decrease in biodiversity. Fisheries sometimes stay out at deep sea and lose their nets. When the lost nets are in the water they continue to catch and kill fish. The nets can stay there for decades at a time and cause a significant amount of damage. Chemicals that spill into the water also kill entire ecosystems of the ocean. These can come from oil rigs and boats. It has devastating consequences.

Impact of Overfishing

  • Ecosystem Destruction

Unsustainable fishing is the greatest threat to ocean ecosystems. It destroys the physical environment of marine life, and distorts the entire food chain in the oceans. If the food chain is messed with, the consequences will ripple up and down to all the living organisms that are in the chain. Major examples are the North Sea, Yellow Sea, North Atlantic and more

  • Economic Impact

There have been many closures to fisheries in many parts of the world including the Atlantic Canadian Cod Fishery in 1990s. Overfishing does not guarantee that, and soon, big investments will go to waste and people will go out of work.

  • Biodiversity

Constantly fishing for particular species and other marine animals like the blue-fine tuna, means soon that the fish would be extinct. This is why measures put in place to allow fish to repopulate