The Great Gatsby

journal entry 1

Chapter 1, pages: 1-21

Journal Entry 1

Chapter 1 summary

In chapter 1 in, The Great Gatsby the author discusses the life of one character, the narrator, which is slowly introduced as Nick Carraway. It informs us about his life before and now and he goes to meet his cousin and her husband, in which he knew from college. His cousin, Daisy and her husband, Tom Buchanan and friend Miss Jordan Baker. Daisy and the others live in East Egg, the "better" side, while Nick lives in West Egg "the less fashionable". While meeting up with his second cousin, once removed, for dinner, Nick learns that Tom has another women somewhere from Miss Baker.

::Nick Carraway::


  • Non judge mental
  • Resembles his great-uncle
  • From the west
  • Graduated New Haven(Yale) in 1915
  • "well-to-do"
  • Bonds Man
  • Served in World War 1
  • Not close to much of his family
  • Family owns a hardware company
  • Honest
  • Easy to get along with

Character Summary:

Nick Carraway is introduced as a non-judgemental man that is easy to get along with and comes from a wealthy family. During his college years at Yale, he met Tom, which later married his cousin Daisy. After college, he served in World War 1. His career consists of learning about the bonds business, so he moved East. He now lives in West Egg, Long Island, finding himself living next the mysterious Jay Gatsby. The story is viewed from Nick's eyes in which his qualities form the story. Putting a his spin to the story, using his non-judgemental view to attract people's opinions.


"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one . . . just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had"(1). Nick was taught by his father to not be critical, to think of those people before saying anything rude towards them. To think about yourself as way, people are different, no one is the exact same.