For Darkness Shows the Stars

Rae'Dawn Rebert

12 years ago

Thursday, Sep. 18th, 6:30pm

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Elliot the main character introduced herself by saying"Everyone says your smarter than me but I know I am the the smartest." being rude to Kai, then Kai trying not to be disrespectful but he says the truth, "I can so read and write. I red your letter and your not so smart. Your just -ritch- rich*. You get tutors in the big house." and after that letter they became friends instantly.

Beginning Important Events

Thursday, Sep. 18th, 6:45pm

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The crop was destroyed when Elliot came back to it, nothing was there it was completely gone.Legally the post-reductionist still held the lowly status of their reduced forefathers.they were going bound to the estate on which they were born. But lately , even that system had been breaking down.

Interesting Events

Thursday, Sep. 18th, 7pm

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Elliot had given even more on their eighteenth birthday a few months back. Her presents had grown a bit more indulgent in these past four years, since it was just the two of them celebrating now. To some luddites, the reduced were children, fallen and hopeless but still human.

By: Diana Peterson

My summary; Its a cute, and romantic novel and I personally loved reading it! Elliot North the main character has her own little place in this world and she knows that. But four years ago she chose not to go run away with her childhood crush, she rather follow her families rules over her true love. But now she was forced to rent land to a group of some shipbuilders and their Captain Malakai Wentworth (Kai). When she figures out that it is him she wonders if its their second chance, and Kai did everything to show what she gave up years ago. But Kai has a secret that would change their "society". And she has another choice to believe what she was taught to believe, or be with the man she could only love.


Thursday, Sep. 18th, 7:30pm

Close near the North Estate, Post Enclave, and Channel City