Service learning ignite session



  • Service learning ignite session
  • STEM challenge
  • Exit tweet
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Service learning ignite session

  • Take 5 minutes per person to present your service learning project - please show your page in your digital portfolio page while you present
  • Provide a brief description of what you did?
  • How it related to service learning?
  • What did you learn from it?
  • How will you incorporate service learning in your future classroom?

9 am Groups

  • Team Ross: Sydney, Sarah M., Katie F., Bethany S
  • Team Phoebe: Esther, Kyle, Julianna, Bryce
  • Team Chandler: Emily M, Joe, Kaitlyn S., Olivia
  • Team Joey: Amanda, Sarah G, Bethany M, Rachel L
  • Team Monica: Caitlyn L, Taylor, Rachel C., Hannah

8 am Groups

  • Team Jim: Abby C, Katie S., Natalie, Lili
  • Team Dwight: Karina, Grace, Faith M., Hali
  • Team Pam: Julianne, Ali, Regan, Kirsten
  • Team Michael: Lauren, Rachel K, Gina, Elizabeth
  • Team Andy: Christa, Stephanie, Faith S., Mackenzie
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STEM Activity

Graph Paper Programming - unplugged activity

Graph paper programing

  • Robots operate off of “instructions,” specific sets of things that they have been preprogrammed to do.
  • In order to accomplish a task, a robot needs to have a series of instructions (sometimes called an algorithm) that it can run.
  • To get more familiar with the concept of an algorithm, it is helpful to have something to compare it to.
  • For this exercise, we will introduce a programming language made of lines and arrows.
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1) Choose image from image pack.

2) Write out algorithm to draw that image.

3) Convert algorithm into a program using symbols.

4) Trade programs with another team and draw their image.

5) Add “functions” to make programs more simple.

6) Write programs for more complex images.

7) Trade your complex programs and draw again.

Due Monday 11/30

  • Quest 23 Component 4a / Animoto
    • Questions

    • Understanding

    • Explore

  • List of who you are inviting to your digital portfolio presentation on Dec. 4 in the google doc:
  • Make sure your digital portfolio is ready to present on Friday Dec 4th!

Exit Tweet - pick 1 prompt to respond to - don't forget #educ204toi

  • What is 1 take away from this class (overall)?
  • Which tech tool has been the most valuable to you in this course?
  • How can technology be used to enhance student learning in your future classroom?
  • What has been the most valuable experience that you have had in this course?