Geography,culture,government, and economy.


The landforms of vietnam are low, flat delta in south and north; central highlands; hilly, mountainous in far north and northwest. Some natural disasters are occasional typhoons from May to January with extensive flooding, especially in the Mekong River delta. Some natural resourses from vietnam include phosphates, coal, manganese, rare earth elements, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil, gas deposits, timber, and hydropower.


The type of government is a Comminist state. The name of the president is President Troung Tan SANG and  Prime Minister Nguyen Tan DUNG. The name of the legislative branch is unicameral National Assembly or Quoc Hoi. the name of the judicial branch is the Supreme People Court. The Constitution was made in  April 15 1992. Citizens can vote at age 18.


The people from Vietnam are called Vietnamese. The ethnic groups are Kinh (Viet) 85.7%, Tay 1.9%, Thai 1.8%, Muong 1.5%, Khmer 1.5%, Mong 1.2%, Nung 1.1%, others 5.3%. the religions are Buddhist 9.3%, Catholic 6.7%, Hoa Hao 1.5%, Cao Dai 1.1%, Protestant 0.5%, Muslim 0.1%, none 80.8%. The language they speak is Vietnamese (official), English (increasingly favored as a second language), some French, Chinese, and Khmer, mountain area languages (Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian).


Their per capita GPD is $3,500. Vietnams agricultural products are paddy rice, coffee, rubber, tea, pepper, soybeans, cashews, sugar cane, peanuts, bananas; poultry; fish, seafood. Some industries are food processing, garments, shoes, machine-building; mining, coal, steel; cement, chemical fertilizer, glass, tires, oil, mobile phones. Import partners are China , South Korea, Japan , Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore. Some export partners are US, China, Japan, Germany. The percentage of the labor force is agriculture: 48%industry: 22.4% services: 29.6%. The name Veitnams  currency is called Dong.