Dental Assistant

Emily Grund

Job Description

- set up equipment to prepare for patient

- prepare patient for treatment(clean teeth, polish teeth, scrape)

- take x-rays

- apply fourine to teeth

Working Conditions

- calm music for jittery patients

- must not be squeemish in the presence of blood or saliva

- spend most of their day on their feet

- be prepared to handle the paperwork

Training/Education Required

- you can receive proper education to become a dental assistant through academic programs at community colleges, vocational schools, technical institutes, or dental universities.

- dental assistant programs usually take 9-11 months to complete.

- once completed you receive a certificate and you are officially a dental assistant.

Personal Characteristics

- patience

- conversationalist

- well mannered

- polite

- easy going

- gentle

Earnings and Job Outlook

2015 Median Pay $35,980 per year
$17.30 per hour

Number of Jobs, 2014 318,800

Job Outlook, 2014-24 18% (Much faster than average)

Employment Change, 2014-24 58,600