Lone Surivive

by marcus lutterll

Marcus's purpose of writing the lone survive

Marcus's purpose of writhing this book was to inform us of what happened to him in operation redwing. He also want us to know about what happened to him in US navy seal training. He wanted us to understand that what he want thought wasn't easy, and that if he thought of giving up he would have died. there where some areas of the book that i can tell that was hurt by what happened and it shows in his writing.

Three principle that i have learned

  • What it takes to survive in an unforgiving place.

  • Take every thing one at a time.

  • Don't listen to that voice in the back of you head that tells you to give up.

one chapter the made the greatest impression

the chapter that leaved the the greatest impression on was chapter 9 blown-up, shot, and Presumed Dead. the reason why is that at this point he is getting chased by the Taliban and that he was trying to survive after what just happened to him. He was in a though pickle when the four Taliban caught up to him and he had only a second to respond.but the reason why it leaves such an impression on me is that part when he gets away and he got to a village he meet some of the villagers there were some people there that gave him food water and tried to heal him, they also protected him form the Taliban.

book rating

on a scale of 1-5 i think this book deserves a 4 because of the a fact that some time it would go on and on a back story.the reason why i would score it so high is because of the fact that in those mountains Marcuse meets the two side to the Muslim world. like the Taliban and the villagers. also that in the begin e would be talking about his training and what not. and that is a very fun thing to read about because some of my friends are joining the navy now i know what the will be going to. i thing any can really in joy this book because it doesn't take much to fall in love with the action and betray at the end.

the Issuses

Marcus experiences in Afghanistan tells us something about our as a country foreign politics because we where at war with the Taliban we where on enemy soil but we pretend that the locals where going to understand. pretty much we think they going to not cause us trouble but i some part of the cites they would hang a black flag meaning that if a service member where to walk in to that part of town he was to get killed. i think it also address this ideological that every muslin is a tarriest and that they are planing to bomb everywhere. this ideology is stupid but it pretty much explain my life here in America and how i cant go with a day to bring something racist up. i got kicked out of kin garden because some kid kept bugging me because of it and i bet him up. but it has gotten a lot better and it the the jokes don't really hurt that much any more.


at the beginning of the book, Marcus describes his childhood and his training to become a Navy seal. after joining the u.s. navy and completing the seal training he is posted at Afghanistan in the Hindu kush mountains with seal team 10. his mission was operation Red Wings where they tried to kill a Taliban leader in order to catch Osama. they lost there cover because a little boy snitched on them and they where surround by Taliban then they got pick off one by one even the team that came in and tried to save them died. Marcus got away and he meet some villagers who save him and gives him water.