Eat and Learn?

Eleanor Stein


With kids these days having a lot of pressure and stress to be the best they can be, they must have the energy to get through a day without worrying about falling asleep in class. To fix this problem, I think that students should be able to eat in classes. The reasons behind this is that if students are able to eat in classes, they won't be have as many mood swings during the day, they are constantly getting the energy they need to get work done and say awake, and the 3 different lunches.
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Mood Swings

Most of the time, kids don't eat breakfast, and as you all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, when students don't eat breakfast, in the beginning of the day they tend to be tired, grumpy and they don't want to work. If teachers let them eat in class them eat in the classes then those students can have a better start to the day and are more motivated.


Students and all kids need energy, when they eat the gain energy. Some teachers here at Westwood let their students eat in class. They say that students seem to focus better when they aren't starving, and if they aren't a distraction, and they clean up their mess. Some teachers don't allow kids to eat in class, they say that it's distracting and messy, but if all students are able to eat in class then more people will bring their food. Also, teachers have control of their classes and if a student is messy, a teacher can ask them to pick it up, or they loose the privallege.
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Lunch TIming

The last thing I want to talk about today is the timing of lunch, in most Jr. High's or High Schools there are 2-4 lunches that all have different times. So you may have lunch at 11:00 one year, and 1:00 the next. If you have these times you get used to eating in lunch at these times. When kids are eating early or late they tend to get hungry more times in the day. If students are distracted in class, trying to sneak food or daydreaming about lunch, then they aren't focused. Therefore, if teachers allow students to eat in class they won't worry about waiting to eat.
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Overall, I think that it is a good idea for students to be allowed to eat in class. If students are able to eat in class then they can won't be as moody, they can focus, and they don't have to worry about starving any time during the day. Health is important, so we should probably make sure we are eating when we need to.


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