My Virtual Résumés

Gagan Dhaliwal / 533258



From now and on I want to get my whole average of my finial report card 80% or over in order to get a honor role.


At the moment, I have 4 courses this semester which are Civics/careers, science, English, and Art. Referring to mid-terms in science I had a 72 , in English a 65 , in civics 68 and in art 72. As you can see my strengths are shown in science and art even though I don't really enjoy those courses , My weaknesses are shown in English which is a course I really like because since I'm becoming a lawyer , it is something that would help me. my other weakness is civics , civics mark is something I'm fine with because its jus a one-time thing which really doesn't matter to me. I can track my goal by making my marks in class good/high level by studying for assessments , trying ti di well on assignments which will slowly and hopefully help me result in an average of 80% or higher and then I will be qualified for honour roles.


I will finish my homework early and on time which my full effort into it , I will try to put all my effort and hard work into my assignments and finish them before due dates. I will try to remain more focused in class and listen to the teachers instructions. finally, I would try to push to study and not lack off and try to achieve a good mark.

Realistic or Relevant

I believe that this is a very important goal because a goal in academics and you try to achieve will get you somewhere in life. academics is something that would create value for you if you're doing great. This is a realistic and doable goal because all I have to do is try my best in everything I do whether its a test,quiz,assignment or a projcet. if I do accomplish doing these things successfully , my average will automatically be 80% or higher and which would lead me into getting an honour role.


Well, i want to achieve this goal in 2 months which nearly the end the semester 2 meaning end of grade 10. the smaller goals I would have to set are that when I'm doing any classwork or homework , I should put my phone away and make that my first priority and complete it . my second small goal I think I might need is to listen to the teacher when he or she is teaching and not talk to friends.