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Here's what's hip-hop and happening in our room! Week 21


This week we practiced the -ail and -ain word families.

Reading and Writing

We concluded our theme of dressing for the weather and we made a TON of connections! We talked about why we wear the clothes we do and why we can wear T-shirts inside, but not outside in winter and how flip-flops really aren’t a good choice when playing in the snow. Our vocabulary words included normal, select and temperature which were discussed in detail this week. We also read the story “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and discussed how that is not normal weather!

We are almost published authors! We wrote out our final copies of our page in our book and now we are working on illustrations. We (as a first grade) did push our publishing date back, so money, if you'd like to purchase one still, will be due on WEDNESDAY February 3rd. Even if you do not want to purchase one, please send back the form. If all forms are sent in, our class gets one book for free to keep in our classroom library!


Odd and even numbers, ordinal numbers, and skip counting patterns in tables! WOW! So many ways to look at numbers! We also talked a lot this week about different strategies kiddos are using to solve problems. Every day we start off with a problem of the day. We always allow a few kiddos to share their thinking and most of the time, everyone shares different ways they came up with answers! It is so fun to see how everyone thinks! We will be taking our Topic 10 test on Monday, and starting Topic 11, which is about place value!

Science: Pebbles, Sand and Silt

This week we observed sand and found out that when it was mixed with water in a vile, a third layer appeared in the vile! We had water on top, sand floated to the bottom and right in the middle was a layer of silt! Who knew there was even smaller particles than sand! Then we got to look at clay! Super fun, and super messy! On Friday, we were able to mold the clay into beads and we will make necklaces with them on Monday after they dry all weekend! Next week we kick off our 10,000 lakes project by researching the differences between lakes and ponds!

Friendly Reminders and Fun News

Karly was our Star Student this week.

Everett and Brady were our Engineers of the Week.

FIELD TRIP!!! Yahoo! On Thursday, February 11th we will be traveling to Stages Theater in Hopkins to see the play "Bear Snores On." The cost of this field trip is $13.50. Please send your money and permission slip, indicating your child's lunch choice ASAP. We are so excited to get this opportunity to see live theater!

TES School Dance is TONIGHT!!! Friday January 29th! Get your dancing pants (or shoes) on for a night of fun! Our fantastic PTO is throwing a dance party for all to help raise money for a new playground for the kiddos!

Report Cards

They are ready to view! Let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns about them! The kiddos have come so far! I can't believe we are halfway through the year and almost to the 100th day of school! Time files when you're having fun!! :)
10 Odd Todd and Even Steven