POHW After Poster

By Janet Flieger

1) Josie and Hollis' Relationship

As the book states in the Beginning, Hollis wanted to leave Josie, Her new foster mom, because well, that is what she does. But towards the end, she started to like Josie. Josie promised her that if Hollis stayed, she would carve her out of wood. Hollis stayed. To the very end, Hollis moved back in with the Regan family. Josie would still visit Hollis

Quote-"Every month we go to Long Island to see Josie in her kitchen with Henry"

Page #- 165

2) Hollis Trusting People

Hollis had a very hard time trusting people. Some people would say she is a mountain of trouble. With that, she could not really trust people as much. That was just one reason why she would run away from her foster homes

Quote-''I know i'm thinking of Josie, Thinking of running here with her a year and a half ago. If I hadn't done that I wouldn't have this picture."

Page #-164

3) The feelings That Hollis Had About Josie

Towards the end, Hollis loved and cared about Josie. You could tell. If she was cold, she would make a fire for her. She cared so much about Josie.

Quote-"At the fire place chunks of wood and paper were piled in a bin. I knelt there, crumpling up yellowed newspaper to tuck in between some logs, and read last summer's news and I struck a match against the stones."

Page #-93

4) Hollis Found a Home

Hollis finally found a home that she could settle down in. She is now staying with the Regans. She comes to visit josie in Long Island each month. Hollis will always remember Josie.

Quote-"Its me Izzy" I said. " Do you think I could come home?"

Page #-162

5) Hollis' Emotions About the Mustard Lady

Towards the beginning, Hollis was not very fond of the Mustard Lady. But towards the end, she started to like her more and more.

Quote-"Emmy and the Mustard Lady both liked the idea of that. They show up regularly to sat hello."

Page #-165

6) Hollis' toughness

Towards the end, Hollis got a little soft. She realized that she belonged with the Regans. Hollis was always soft on the inside but never wanted to show it.

Quote-"I grinned. The Old Man knew a lot. But maybe I wouldn't tell Steven that either.

Page #-162

7) Steven and The Old Man

In the beginning when Hollis was tell us about when she lived with the Regans, She told us that The Old Man and Steven fought a lot. Hollis thought it was her who was causing all the commotion. Ever since she moved in with them they fought. In the end, The Old Man and Steven still fought, but not as much.

Quote-"He's just discovered that Steven left his bedroom window open so the snow drifted in all winter, ruining the walls and buckling parts of the wood floor

Page #-164