Famine in Africa

By: Maggie Ryan

We Are the World

The song "We Are the World" was created in the USA for Africa during the 80's. This song raised over 60 million dollars for the countries of Africa. "We Are the World" also featured most of the most popular artists from the 80's, and also took 12 hours to record. After the first week of this song being realized, all copy's were sold out in stores and the song reached number 21 on the billboard list. 3 more weeks go by, and the song is number 1 on the chart. "We are the world" also went on and won Grammys for the best song of the year and the best record of the year. "We are the world" was a great way to raise money for Africa.

What is Famine?

Famine is declared by the government, and it normally happens when...

  • 20% of the population has less than 2,100 kilograms a day
  • 30% of the children don't have enough nutrition
  • 2 deaths within every 10,000 people
  • 4 deaths within every 10,000 children
Famine is caused by...
  • Natural disasters
  • Two many people in one area
  • Food aid from other countries are low
  • Droughts

The Overall Effects of Famine

Once someone that has been effected by famine receives food, the famine doesn't just automatically go away. This is because with a loss of food for a long time, a lot of strength is lost, and strength will take a long period of time to regain full strength. Since children do not have as much strength or as much fat on their body, the famine has more of an affect on the children. The devastation of the famine will last longer than the loss of food, and the effects can last over 10 years.