Biotechnology Stations

STATION #1 Careers in Biotech

Explore how NC is "exploding" in the field of Biotech

Follow the webquest worksheet, and use the tabs at the left side on this website to find the answers to the questions.

STATION # 2 Explore Careers in Biotech

Using the folders provided, look over the 6 categories of Biotech careers and choose 2 JOBS that you are interested in.

1) Write a conclusion of each job (one paragraph for each job)

  • include salary and other information you find

2) Using the additional resources at this center, research the qualifications and needed interests to do well at these jobs. Add this info to each paragraph that summarizes the qualifications of each job you have chosen

Click on 'Station #3' title and go to website. Watch video and answer questions as they pop up.
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Get ready to use research and selective breeding to make a new dog breed. You are working with a partner on this project. See the lab template at station #4.

Each pair of students is to use this template to create a new dog breed. USE YOUR IMAGINATION.