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12th Edition December 11, 2015

Building Connections Through Communication!

One of the most effective ways to promote student growth academically, behaviorally, and socially is through a partnership that bridges the school and home together. We'd like to share this weekly newsletter to keep families and community members abreast of the amazing happenings at our school and pass on important information that will allow us to maintain a positive connection with our school.
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A Reminder to Parents & Students: School Doors Open at 7:15am each morning

**Please plan accordingly now that winter is here**
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In the Heart of the Sea

Nick Malone created an amazing movie prop worthy harpoon in Mr. Cataldo's class from scratch- Moby Dick beware!
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Very Special Presentation:

Dear Parents,

I would like to invite you to attend a special presentation Monday evening December 14th 6:30-8:30pm in the high school auditorium. The presentation will be made by our high school Peer Leaders. These student leaders will be sharing Monomoy’s results from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) taken by our 7th through 12th graders last year. The intent of presentation is to spark conversations within our community so that together we will collaboratively work to keep our children safe.

Your presence for this presentation is very important. You may not have a teenager yet, but one day your son or daughter will be one. You may believe that your child is making and will make safe decisions, but it is not a matter of if they or their peer group will make a poor decision, it is a matter of when.

The presentation will provide information on tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other substance use, and will compare the Monomoy findings to state and national results. The presentation also covers topics on drunk driving, binge drinking, depression, suicidality, and teenage sexuality. Most of the Monomoy findings are on par with state and national results, but the proportion of teens across our country who are dealing with these heavy issues should give any parent pause.

Statistically, children are safest while at school, and many of the topics covered by the presentation happen outside of the school day, generally when children are in unsupervised settings. Based on survey data, the presentation will share with parents concrete ways they can help guide children towards less risky behaviors. It does take a village to raise a child, with the schools and all parents collectively working to support good decision-making in our children.

I would encourage every parent to listen to the Peer Leader’s presentation. Afterwards, I would encourage you to resist the temptation to say “not my child,” but to ask what role you could play to make a difference. Being part of the discussion after the presentation is the first step of making a difference.

Our high school students will be hearing the presentation from their peers on Friday, December 11. The presentation on Monday evening, December 14th, is open to parents of children of all ages. This presentation will likely provide you a segue to engage your own children in age-appropriate conversations related to survey topics. In the upcoming months we will hold community forums on related topics to continue the dialog about guiding our youth towards better, safer, decisions.

Together we can make the future Monomoy Youth Risk Behavior Survey results well below state and national findings.


Scott Carpenter

Superintendent Monomoy Regional Schools
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Independent Reading Projects in Mr. Walsh's ELA Classes

Mr. Walsh’s Eighth Grade English and English 9 Honors students recently completed their first Independent Reading Projects of the year. His eighth graders created character sketch posters, dioramas, and comic strips based on the books they chose. English 9 Honors students created Connections Posters, upon which they related their chosen books to other ones they read and their own life experiences. Here, Mr. Walsh’s Eighth Grade English F block students pose with some of their creative masterpieces!

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Molly Daley - Heart of Gold

Molly Daley began collecting coats, hats, and mittens for the needy since she came into our high school in 8th grade. She is still promoting the tradition of helping others.

She will continue to collect new and used items until Friday Dec. 18th. Give a shout out to Molly Daley & help her help others!

Peer Tutoring Now Available at MRHS!

Peer Tutoring has been running for several weeks and the feedback has been terrific!!! We believe it has been a really successful intervention to support some of our struggling students. If you feel that your child could benefit from a Peer Tutor, please contact your son or daughter’s guidance counselor. We have a remarkably eager group of talented MRHS students willing to assist their peers.

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Support Team Olivia & Win a Beautiful Gingerbread House

Alice Bonatt who owns Bonatt's Bakery and Restaurant is raffling off two gingerbread houses all proceeds will be going to the Team Olivia and Team Holmes Fund.

Raffle _tickets cost $1. each. Alice will be selling tickets at the restaurant. The drawing will be on Friday - Dec. 18th.

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Attention Harwich & Chatham Alum:

The Alumni Show is coming January 8th right after the holidays. The art department is looking for alumni from Harwich and Chatham who would like to exhibit their art work as part of the show. Please contact Deb Donovan via email at if you would like to participate or know of someone we should contact.

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Micrographs from Graphic Design class

Important Mid term Information

Mid terms will be the week of Jan. 25-29 and we have full days of school this week. Grades close Jan 29 with an exam schedule in the works to be sent out in advance.

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Shark "Shout Outs" (SSO's) - MRHS's way of Appreciating the Great People here!

Shark Shout Outs are spreading fast & furious at MRHS. We start every staff meeting with Shout Outs to colleagues and Shout Out to students nominated for student of the month during am announcements. Now, students and Parents are welcome to send in a Shark Shout Out as a token of appreciating other students and staff in the school. Email Mr. Burkhead at, or drop them off to Ms. Hooper in the main office! The enthusiasm is contagious!

On Saturday, Dec. 5, the Harwich PTO held its annual Holiday Bazaar at Harwich Elementary School – the group would like to thank the many MRHS students who gave up their day to volunteer to help out at the event. We’d love for them to be publicly recognized!

Shout Out to:

Lindsay Smith

Liz Mahoney

Sam Mahoney

Cesca Barr

Kelsey Olson

Katie Dever

Maddy Kavanagh

Mary Kavanagh

Grace Boyle

Lizzy Pandiscio

Kaitlyn Lyons

Emily Sanders

thank you! Ms. Jordan

Shark Email Shout Out!

Hi Mr Burkhead,

I wanted to share a text I just got from my college freshman and recent graduate of monomoy.

"My professor said that my 10 page paper on celiac disease is one of the few in both sections that is written at the level (content and writing style) that she expects to see in college students "

Please share with your English Dept.

Thanks, Kelly Gallant

Shark Shout Out to sophomore Samantha Alex for modeling great study skills for others in class and proving that a little extra effort goes a long way!!

Ms. Flint

A Shark Shout out goes to Marrisa Smith and Annie Howard for their excellent work on our Culinary Arts Bulletin Board outside room C125.

Lots of good information about organic food- a timely topic.

Ms. Freitas

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Athletic Department News: Winter Coaches Contact Information

Boys Basketball:

Head Coach: Adam Rose

JV Coach : Ross Jatkola

Freshman Coach: Jon Bennett

Girls Basketball:

Head Coach: Peter Richer

JV Coach: Kellsie Sedlack


Karen Norton

Boys Ice Hockey:

Head Coach: Shawn Chicoine

Girls Ice Hockey:

Head Coach: Scott Rebello

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Officer Clarke Connects with Students for "Shop with a Cop"

Twelve Cape Cod local Law Enforcement agencies have again joined forces with Sam Diego’s and Sports Authority to conduct our 5th Annual ‘Shop with a Cop’ shopping spree for this Holiday Season.

Thanks to special donations from a variety of sources all across Cape Cod, police officers from Barnstable, Bourne, Chatham Dennis, Eastham, Falmouth Harwich, Mashpee, Provincetown, Truro, Wellfleet, and Yarmouth brought a group of 35 deserving youths out to lunch at approximately 12:00 noon at Sam Diego’s Mexican Kitchen on Route 132 in Hyannis and then shopping at Sports Authority in Hyannis.

Each deserving student received $150.00 this year to spend on Christmas items for their families. Sam Diego’s graciously provided a complete lunch for all of the students and police officers at no cost and Sport’s Authority generously gave each student an additional 25% discount for all items purchased.

This innovative annual Community Policing program is funded entirely by donations from the public and thanks to all of the previous year donations, no additional funds were need this year!

Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful Community Policing event.

Shop With a Cop – Back to School Edition will happen next August.

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A Message from Mr. Cass

We have extended the head shaving fundraiser until December 23 when Mr. Martin and i will get our head shaved in front of the school during the pep rally. We are doing very well for our goal of $500. We have decided to still donate half of the money to the Hart family but now the other half will go the the Holm family who is also dealing with this disease. I thought it was better if we kept all the money in house to help one of our own. I appreciate all of the generous donations

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Shark Shout Out - Culinary Style!

A Shark Shout out goes to Marrisa Smith and Annie Howard for their excellent work on our Culinary Arts Bulletin Board outside room C125.

Lots of good information about organic food- a timely topic.

Guidance Corner:

Monomoy Guidance TEAM

Ms. Police, (A-F)

Mr. Gifford, Director (G-N)

Mr. Bennett (O-Z)

Upcoming College Visits to Guidance – next week:

Cape Cod Community College - Onsite Admissions RESCHEDULED for 1/12/16

United States Air Force Recruiter Guidance 1/13/16 10:50 AM

Please check Naviance for updates and to sign up for the college visits!

Visits are also listed on the Guidance calendar which you can link to your personal google calendar!

Other Guidance Announcements:

Mary Cronin is offering a workshop on writing the college essay at Brooks Free Library. Please see the link below for more details.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy Dual Enrollment:

This program provides qualified high school students the opportunity to take a transferable, introductory college course at no cost. Courses offered this year include English Composition (3 credits), The Business of Shipping (3 credits) and Introduction to Emergency Management (3 credits). To qualify for dual enrollment, students must have greater than a 2.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale), submit current transcripts, and be endorsed by their guidance counselor or school principal and parent/guardian.

Classes will be held from 6-9pm on Wednesday evenings, beginning on March 2nd. Registration forms are attached, and are also available on our website at

Please note that textbooks are required for most courses. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

The registration deadline is February 1st.

FREE Help Applying for Financial Aid for College!

FAFSA Day Massachusetts: January 31, 2016 1PM @ Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School

FAFSA Day Massachusetts (A College Goal SundaySM Program) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven effort providing FREE assistance to students and families seeking to complete the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Families will receive:

• Free assistance completing the FAFSA.

• Access to experienced financial aid administrators and FAFSA experts to answer questions.

• Guidance on the financial aid process and next steps after filing the FAFSA.

Many locations include online FAFSA filing capabilities and translation services.

Visit to register and to view directions, a list of services, and information on what to bring.

Information on the new SAT’s is available for download on the guidance website on the presentations page or by clicking here.

Follow us on Twitter @MonomoyGuidance!

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Foundation of Arts Class Learns about the History of Art on Cape Cod

On Thursday, November 19, the Foundations of Arts classes traveled to the Provincetown Art Association and Museum to enhance their studies of the history of art on Cape Cod. Students had the opportunity to tour the exhibits, meet with working artists, doing some gesture drawing from the model and participate in a workshop on graphic novels and cartooning.

This program was supported in part by a grant from the Chatham Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

A.C.T. PREP CLASS @ The Harwich Community Center

This includes:

· 24 hours of instruction (12 sessions @ 2 hours each).

The Class Meets On:

Monday 3/14/16 6-8pm

Tuesday 3/15/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 3/16/16 6-8pm

Monday 3/21/16 6-8pm

Tuesday 3/22/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 3/23/16 6-8pm

Monday 3/28/16 6-8pm

Tuesday 3/29/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 3/30/16 6-8pm

Monday 4/4/16 6-8pm

Tuesday 4/5/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 4/6/16 6-8pm

The ACT Spring 2016 Offerings: 2/6, 4/9, 6/11

Important Information:

· Admission will be on a first come first served basis.

· The class size will be kept small.

· The course is taught by experienced Massachusetts Certified Teachers (Mr. David Alexander & Mrs. Kelly Terrenzi).

· The cost of the course is $610 (tuition is $550 plus $60 for three workbooks--English/Reading/Writing, Math, & Science).

· Please submit your payment by check or cash at, or before, the first classJ

· Checks should be made payable to the Town of Harwich.

· Reserve your spot by emailing Mr. Alexander @

S.A.T. PREP CLASS @ The Harwich Community Center

This includes:

· 16 hours of instruction (8 sessions @ 2 hours each).

The Class Meets On:

Monday 3/14/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 3/16/16 6-8pm

Monday 3/21/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 3/23/16 6-8pm

Monday 3/28/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 3/30/16 6-8pm

Monday 4/4/16 6-8pm

Wednesday 4/6/16 6-8pm

The SAT Spring 2016 Offerings: 3/5, 5/7, 6/4

Important Information:

· Admission will be on a first come first served basis.

· The class size will be kept small.

· The course is taught by experienced Massachusetts Certified Teachers (Mr. David Alexander & Mrs. Kelly Terrenzi).

· The total cost of the course is $430 (tuition is $375 plus $55 for books).

· Please submit your payment by check or cash at, or before, the first classJ

· Checks should be made payable to the Town of Harwich.

· Reserve your spot by emailing Mr. Alexander @

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