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By: Steve Carrizales


Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter, so they make everything up, even you!! All you touch is made up of atoms, although they may not all be the same atoms, they are made up of mainly the same thing. Atoms are made up of even smaller particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. So even though they are small, they make up the larger things in the world.

Outdoor Ed

Outdoor ed. is an awesome class if you enjoy adventure, hunting, camping, and hiking. Once your in the class you realize that it is fairly easy.

You will learn safety, how to hunt, and what todo when you are hunting.

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1. Steve Carrizales

2. Bobby McBob

3. Bubbly Fish Pants

4. Jason Cape

5. John Ken

Dress Code Drama

1. They should let you mainly choose what you wear.

2. They should not let you wear super short clothes.

3. Change the gang shirt rule, maybe you liked the shirt and not the gang.

4. No high heels, they only make you look taller, and sometimes not even better.

5. No nudity on shirts, they only show where your parents have been, but not you.

Why I couldn't live without my phone!

Phones are like the tiny computers for our pockets. They can do almost anything you need them to do.

Phones can call, text, and email people from all around the world. You can email someone across the world in seconds!

Apps can help you get anything done. They can tell where a store is, sell you things, and they can even entertain you.

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If I were a teacher

I don't think that I could be a teacher. But here are some things that would do if I was.

I would have a mandatory teacher-parent meeting every 9 weeks of the school year. This would be just to show them how their son/daughter is improving in school and to see their progress.

I would send weekly newsletters home to keep the parents caught up with everything that is happening in school. I would put things like students of the month and weekly stars.

Work Smarter, Not Just Harder!

Some strategies can help you not have to work more, just to work smarter. Reading and skimming work as two totally different things. Skimming helps you get the main information and reading is to entertain you. Look at context clues to help you get your work done, and you don't need to read everything.

Reading Corner

The Kill Order is a great book if you love adventure, and exciting fights. This book is about a disease that has started and is killing everyone, even the people that made it. Will they find the cure, or will everyone die? Find out on your own!