Design a Planet

Period 2 Payton Mann

The Planet Yoga

The planet Yoga is the planet first planet for astronauts to find that is habitable for humans and animals. Planet Yoga

  • is a yellow star just like earth
  • has a 10 degree tilt
  • has a planet mass of 10
  • has a 1.2 AU orbit
  • has 1 moon
  • plate movement: yes
  • liquid water: yes
  • producers: yes
  • volcanoes: yes

Tilt, Tides and Moons of Yoga

My planet has a 10 degree tilt and 1 moon. The tilt of planet Yoga is 10 degrees and that causes for winter to be warmer and summer to be colder. Planet Yoga has one moon like earth so the tides will remain the same as on earth.Yoga's moon is named Pilates. We will still have high and low tides.

Yoga's Gravity and Distance

Yoga is 9 times heavier than Earth so the gravity on Yoga is stronger than Earths gravity. Yoga is a little bit farther from the sun than Earth. Yoga is 1.2 AU (astronomical units) from the sun so it will be a little colder than on Earth.

Fun Facts about Yoga

  • Yoga has a oxygen and water vapor atmosphere like earth
  • Yoga is blue and black in color
  • Yoga also has red ring
  • the sky is pink in the morning and dark blue in the night
  • Planet Yoga has 19 days of daylight and 19 hours of night
  • Planet Yoga has a 3 year glow of purple light that can be seen from earth

Look in the Sky

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 10pm


Look in the sky and you will see planet Yoga's glow of a purple light from planet Earth. This only happens every 3 years so don't miss out.