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The colony of Georgia is a buffer colony to separate the English colonies and Spanish Florida in case of an attack. Its main religion is the Catholic church. The colonial government of Georgia uses a trustee system with 23 people and is a charter government. These trustees would get together to create and impose laws. Some jobs in Georgia are blacksmiths, tailors, and pottery makers. The colony contains many plantations that grow indigo, rice, cotton, and tobacco to send back to Great Britain. Georgia's soil is red clay which was not good soil to grow certain plants, so what was original to be grown in Georgia was changed and became successful. Also the location of Georgia was from the bottom of South Carolina to the top of Florida. This location impacted the goods produced and climate experienced.


James Oglethorpe proposed the idea of creating a colony as a haven for inmates and the poor as a way to start a new life. King George II accepted the idea but was going to use the new colony as a military buffer between the English colonies and Spanish Florida and as a way to get new resources and wealth for Great Britain. James Oglethorpe and 116 people embarked to Georgia and landed on the coast near Savannah. When they landed there, they quickly created a fort to start expanding their establishment. In the meantime, James Oglethorpe and Mary Musgrove met with the Yamacraw chief, Tomochichi, to build a relationship with the Indians and get some help with their settlement. After a few failures, the colony started to become very successful and brought much wealth to Great Britain. The colony was also able to hold its own against the Spaniards when they tried to invade. There were some people who were not happy with the laws, so when James Oglethorpe went back to Great Britain, the colony surrendered its charter and became a royal province of Great Britain.
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History With European Countries

Georgia was created by Great Britain from the request of James Oglethorpe as a haven for prisoners and the poor to start a new life. Great Britain's intent for the colony was to be a military buffer to protect the English colonies against the Spaniards. It was also to bring more resources and wealth back to Great Britain.

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Georgia is a great place to start a new life as the colony was originally intended to be by James Oglethorpe. The colony has lots of open land and only a few laws to follow. The colonial government also allows you to have a voice in some affairs.