The Submobile

Zach Reed

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The Submobile is the most useful machine for anything life throws at you! It is made of 100% steel and is indestructible. It has a complete kitchen fully stocked with food and running water. The submobile includes a thermostat to control temperature and also has built in, unlimited oxygen tanks to give us endless life.
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Interactions with Life Functions

Boundaries: The steel exterior of the Submobile keeps the bad stuff out and the good stuff in.

Movement: The flexible structure system allows shift in blood, muscle, and bowels.

Response: It's sensitivity monitors give it a speedy reaction time.

Digestion: In the kitchen you can find a garbage disposal which then spits the food into a compost to give max nutrients.

Metabolism: The Submobile is full of energy and makes ATP.

Excretion: The excretion function of the machine can be found in the bathroom. The bathroom also has a disposal with fully functional toilets to get rid of waste.

Reproduction: This machine is a green light to love when looking for someone because who wouldn't a significant other with an extreme survival machine? But take to consideration that the Submobile MAY CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS!!

Growth: It is built with an expandable structure system allowing the machine incredible structure while also allowing it to increase in size.

Negative Feedback Loop

Negative feedback includes struggle breathing due to excessive oxygen levels