Don't turn away commercial requests

Partner with Monarch Commercial Capital

I make commercial loans easier than you think.

You can keep your day job yet supplement it quite easily by tapping into commercial mortgages.

During your typical day, I bet you come into contact with at least one client that owns a commercial property.

Partner with me to get these deals done!

I will strengthen your existing relationship with your clients.

Be more than a one trick pony.

Don't lose a client to a competitor that offers more.

Help your customers understand you can take care of their financial needs.

A quick success story:

This was a referral from these emails from a residential mortgage originator.

  • Borrower was purchasing the building his business occupied for the past 8 years.
  • Purchase price was above market but the seller wouldn't budge.
  • Borrower received a quote from a commercial mortgage broker for 12 points and a 7% interest rate.
  • We closed a loan at 6.25% on the SBA 7a program..... ZERO points.

Do you think this client was satisfied? Think of the value add this residential mortgage originator provided to his client.

I take my job and clients' needs very seriously.

Free 6-page Commercial Mortgages 101 E-book Available.

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