Estragon (Gogo)

By: Guillermo Escobar

Character Traits

Estragon, also known as Gogo, is a very clumsy person who apparently has no home since in the beginning of the play he says he slept in a ditch & got beaten. In the picture below you can see his clumsiness since he has problems taking his boots off.
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Social Construct

Gogo is apparently a non religious person. I can say this because in the beginning of the play, his partner Vladimir asks him if he ever read the bible (referring to the four evangelists and the two thieves). Gogo replies with "The Bible . . . (He reflects.) I must have taken a look at it." Also, how all he remembers from the bible are the colorful maps that were located in the back.
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Character Traits (Continued)

Gogo is also characterized as a compassionate yet sneaky character. In the play, he sees that lucky, pozzo's servant, looked like he was tired. He asks Pozzo why Lucky never puts down the bags he's carrying. After that he goes over & tries to conversate with him. You would think that he asked him if he was ok but instead he asked him for his leftover food (the bones). As you can see in the pictures below, it shows Gogo's character traits.