Weekly Review

Don't Be Scared

👻 Week 8 🎃

Great week for some and a regretful week for others. It's time to note that your players who you think are starting May be ruled out hours or even minutes before they play. Do yourself a huge favor wake up before 10:00 am and check your roster because it may save you from a disappointing week.


36.90 points, that's what Calvin Johnson racked up against the Cowboys.

37.16 points, that's what Cuatro Nuevers was able to beat Miley Twerks by.

Even if Miley Twerks had two Calvin Johnson's on his team he would still exit the week with a Not so satisfying L. This is Cuatro Nuevers 2nd Biggest Blowout in 3 weeks. Despite the big Blowout Cuatro still remains in 7th place and has failed to climb the ladder but also successfully not been falling down the ladder he remains in the higher ends of the bottom Five. It hurts me to say this but it's time to start considering what potential Cuatro Nuevers team has. This kid is thirsty! So thirsty he could be coming for your spot any week now.


It's that time of the year to be spooked and that's exactly what Suckamydicka was feeling when his team fell behind early on in the day. Once again Snow prevailed and got himself in the 4th place spot which is where you want to be when the playoffs come around. Suckamydickas ELITES somewhat did above average like frank Gore tearing it up against a weak defense and got a nice 17.70 points also Demaryius Thomas collecting a not surprising 13 points but in this league you need to have wild cards.

Speaking of WildCards you know who wasn't a wildcard Monday Night? Marshawn "the Beast" Lynch who surprised all with a pathetic 2.70 points and pretty much allowed The Squad to lose his matchup. All The Squad needed was 15 points and being a beast carrier I wouldn't have even stressed it.

You guys know who wasn't stressed this weekend? Hernandez Notso (Stressed) TE. This guy made a desperate move trading away his most valuable WRs for an Elite QB. I thought he would have got spanked but because of a manager sleeping in on the other end and also doing some last minute plug ins Hernandez Notso TE took an important win that put him up a couple ranks in the league. #Respect

This leaves 6 more weeks to playoffs and this league has very close contenders at this point no one is a shoe in.