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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - November 1

Self Care

OK ... I think I'm the least qualified person to write anything about self care. But I have been in so many meetings or events in the last few months where much time was devoted to self care and compassion resilience. I truly think if I could somehow add up the number of minutes spent on any particular topic over the last few months, self care would be in the top 3. At my conference in Madison, it came up again and I thought to myself, "There is a reason this topic keeps coming up everywhere you go lately." Here are some reflections:

• Often, we don't give ourselves credit for the self-care we already embed in our lives. For example, do I keep focusing on my lack of an exercise routine and forget that I have all sorts of other healthy habits?

• Self care could mean volunteerism, time with family, mindfulness, religious/spiritual practices, healthy eating, showing gratitude on a regular basis, optimistic self-talk, being sure to laugh every day, taking vacations, exercise, reading, learning about topics that have nothing to do with our chosen work, and so much more.

• One person said he has stopped using the word "balance" and recognizes there are "seasons" to the work we do. Those seasons might be punctuated times throughout the school year. Our self-care outside of those seasons is what sustains us when we feel out of "balance".

• Keeping our "to be" list as important as our "to do" list - to keep our purpose bigger than our challenges on a daily basis.

• Each of us is a "well" and people come to you to be refreshed. This includes students, colleagues at Lakeview, parents and families, etc. It is important to take time to care for the well so it doesn't run dry - for ourselves or for the others that truly depend on us.

Upcoming Dates

Mon, Nov 4 - All school Golden Lion Assembly from 9:50-10:30

Tues, Nov 5 - Veteran's Day cards due to office, if participating

Wed, Nov 6 - LV Staff Meeting 7:15-8:15

Thursday, Nov 7 - PowerTeacher Pro Report Card Training Session 8:00-8:15 in library (for all staff meeting attendees)

Friday, Nov 8 - Early Dismissal (11:45), Teachers here in the afternoon

Monday, Nov 11 - Lakeview Building Meeting (monthly open office hours for anyone to visit with Chris about building issues - not a required meeting) from 7:45-8:15 in the library

Tuesday, Nov 12 - Jen Sielaff will be here for building hours just like on October 24th, except this time she will be here in the morning from 8:45-11:45.

Assembly Info

We have enough Golden Lions to have an assembly on November 4th. Here is some info:

• When held, assemblies will be on "Day 2" at 9:50 because nobody has specials at that time. That was created deliberately when the specials schedule was built.

• Golden Lions have been placed in envelopes with a card from McDonald's for a free item.

• Continue to use Golden Lions to reinforce the three Lakeview expectations of "Be safe ~ Be respectful ~ Be engaged" as well as the SM Character traits of Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Kindness ~ Honesty ~ Perseverance. If you are out of Golden Lion tickets, let the office know.

• If you have not reinforced as often with Golden Lions so far this year, please jump in more for the next round. I truly do not check that data ... but students notice.

• A healthy relationship needs 5 positives for every 1 negative interaction.

• If you are new to Lakeview, please check with your grade level partners to see where each class sits in the gym.


If there are any SLO's left out there, please submit. 4K and 5K should submit by Monday, November 8th. I will send an email to people on summary year to discuss SLO's in person. It will take me a little while to go through everyone's SLO's, so please be patient. I really read the reflections and the goal setting closely.

Google Expeditions

Tammy mentioned in the Tuesday Tech Tip that Google Expeditions has so many ways to bring the world into your classroom. Please do not make Google Expeditions just the enrichment you do at the end of a unit - it is so much more effective to include either at the beginning or at just the right moment within a unit. If you are interested, please reach out to Tammy Lind. We have an entire set ready to go here at Lakeview.

Here is the spreadsheet of all the currently available Expeditions (there are two tabs at the bottom). If you are looking for something, search the spreadsheet using Control+F and a key word. But I went through and quickly identified some that especially align with Amplify science units.

Plant adaptations (AR) - 1st, unit 1 Animal and Plant Defenses

Insect Adaptations (AR) - 1st, unit 1 Animal and Plant Defenses

Basic Landforms (AR) - 2nd, unit 3 Changing Landforms

Electricity (AR) - 4th, unit 1 Energy Conversions

Food Chains (AR) - 4th, unit 2 Vision & Light

Forces of Nature (AR) - 3rd, unit 4 Weather and Climate

Plant Pollination (AR) - 2nd, unit 1 Plant and Animal Relationships

Tropical Plants and Animals (AR) - 5th, unit 4 Ecosystem Restoration

Understanding Your Eyes (AR) - 4th, unit 2 Vision & Light

Astronomy (VR) - 5th, unit 1 Patterns of Earth & Sky

Clouds (VR) - 3rd, unit 4 Weather and Climate

Ecosystem (VR) - 5th, unit 4 Ecosystem Restoration

Magnetism (VR) - 3rd, unit 1 Balancing Forces

Thanksgiving Cards

If you were here last year, you remember our Character Dares. There was a Character Dare prior to holiday breaks that encouraged teachers to write a quick postcard to any students that you feel might benefit. We have plenty of postcards remaining and we have the postage. If you are interested in sending postcards to students at any time, ask Roxanne or Cortney.

Holiday Party

You signed up for the Sunshine December golf outing already, right? Please see this link from Sunshine which explains our holiday party and then sign up using this link. We'd love to see everyone come that is able!

Structural Items

Link to this week's family newsletter - please see the article about our new G/T coordinator, Mrs. Brigid Harmeyer. Brigid will stop by at the end of our staff meeting on Wednesday for a formal introduction. Welcome, Brigid!

Lockers - It is a challenge for kids to get all their winter wear into lockers, but it can be done. Please ensure lockers are closed - it is a sign to students and visitors that we care about everything in our building. You might assign one person a job to be the "locker checker" to be sure all lockers in your class are closed.

Winter wear in the office? - When we cleaned and renovated the office this summer, we disposed of all the extra hats, mittens, etc. Please do not send students to the office looking for these items because we do not have them and do not plan to restock.

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.