Great Falls Central Catholic High School 11.10.21

Thankful for Veterans

We thank the following staff and faculty for their service:

Deacon Bob-school counselor

Mrs. Aderhold-religion teacher

Mr. Bill Estell-assistant building engineer

Ms. Jennifer Fines-business manager

Mr. Shawn Kelley-media specialist

Mr. Rex Rigor-bus driver

Mr. Joe Barlow-chemistry teacher


CLubs have been meeting regularly now for a few weeks.

Eco-Adventure is having their first outing next weekend. If you are looking for a fun outdoor adventure, I'm sure Mrs. Warren would love to have you contact her about that outing.

Mr. Barlow has said he would welcome parent interest in the archery club. They could use bows and would love to have support for their first shooting event.

Cooking club is planning to make their first recipe next week. You may see some ingredients disappear from your kitchen. I know I'm donating chocolate chips in the hopes for some cookies.

Guitar club has had two students show interest, but is looking for more musicians!

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Christmas Green Fundraiser

Tickets are available to sell in the office from Monica.

Christmas Green is a fast raffle that takes place during the month of December. Each sold ticket will be placed in a pool for cash drawings in December. Each day in December, a ticket is drawn for a cash prize of $50 or $100. All winning ticket stubs are eligible to be drawn again. In addition, each sold ticket can be used as an Activity Card for free admission to any home junior high Mustangs games at Our Lady of Lourdes or $1 off admission to Great Falls Central Catholic games throughout the 2021-22 school year. The buyer just signs his/her name on the card and presents it to the person working the gate at the game.

All ticket sales are due by November 29th to be eligible for the Christmas Green drawing.

MTDA Changes

MTDA began cost-sharing with schools in fall 2021, per legislative authorization with 20-7-1202. Great Falls Public Schools allowed our students to take those courses for free in the fall, but will be charging this spring for courses. GFCCHS will continue to accept transfer credits from MTDA but will not pay the charge for those classes.

We will still continue to offer on-line courses this year through Edgenuity. Though we would rather students take live classes, we understand that students have many different interests and want to offer a bigger selection than what we have time for with our teachers.

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Dual Credit/Enrollment Simplified

GFCC participates in the state 1-2-Free program, offering dual credit to Montana students 16 and older. Eight state colleges participate in this program and none of the private schools. Several things are called "dual credit" but they are not all the same!

The public university system offers 6 credits tuition-free to each high school student in Montana.

1. The students can take the courses directly from the university, OR

2. The school can offer the course with their own teacher, OR

3. The school can work with the public university to offer the course embedded in a school course.

Not all dual credit courses result in credit at the high school

1. Classes offered through only the college directly do not count for any high school credit.

2. Classes offered by the high school with their own teacher will have the same grade and count for credit in both high school and college.

3. Classes offered by the college but embedded in the high school course will potentially have different grades, but will count for credit in both high school and college.

Once a student has maxed out free credits they can continue to take classes at a reduced rate.

Private colleges and university do not typically offer dual credit for free, nor do they offer them in partnerships with high schools. We have reached out repeatedly to our state private colleges to change that, but have not have success yet.

Sports Information

Winter Sports Coming Soon

  • Winter sport practices begin Thursday Nov. 18
  • physicals must be in office before students may begin to practice
  • Make sure you are signed up in BAND on your phone to receive information on times

Parent Partner Opportunities

Still looking for a volunteer for DECA or Robotics clubs

We are hoping for someone to step up to sponsor DECA or robotics for the kids. If you have a special love of something and want to help foster that in the next generation, please give us a jingle and let's see if we can get it going!

Get volunteer hours!

GFCC is now the main cafeteria for Central and Our Lady of Lourdes. We haven't increased staff, just cooking amounts, so we could use help several days a week in the morning to help prep food for both schools. If you are interested in volunteering a few hours here and there, please email dpachek@greatfallscentral.org. The hours can flex and count toward volunteer hours.

Live the Faith

Vocations Corner

PARENTS ROLE IN THE CULTURE OF VOCATIONS - Fostering a vocation starts from your child’s earliest years in the home. Saint Pope John Paul II wrote, "The task of Christian parents is as important as it is sensitive, because they are called to prepare, cultivate and protect the vocations which God stirs up in their family. They must, therefore, enrich themselves and their family with spiritual and moral values, such as a deep and convinced religious spirit, an apostolic and ecclesial consciousness, and a clear idea of what a vocation is."

Submitted by: Matthew Ginnaty

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Adoration and Rosary

Friday, Nov. 12th, 6:30am

2800 18th Avenue South

Great Falls, MT

Each week during the school year we open the chapel for our community to participate in Adoration and Rosary together. Please feel free to join your students or our school.


Bullying report to administration

Students can report a bullying event confidentially to administration through this link. They have this link on the Mustang Roundup class.

Donate to the School

We appreciate your support!

Pest Control Information

We have Eco-Lab caring for our building pest control issues on the 3rd Wednesday each month after school. We have a binder with all our chemical information in the Business Office, should you want or need to know what is used.


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