Unit 4 Level 3 Assignment

Department of Defense 2017 buget

We Are proposing a budget of $540,273,248,628

We are cutting the buget of the following programs Operation and maintenance programs and RDT&E PROGRAMS (R-1). We are keeping the following programs financial the same Military personnel programs, PROCUREMENT PROGRAMS (P-1R) RESERVE COMPONENTS, PROCUREMENT PROGRAMS (P-1), CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMS (C-1).

Programs being cut and programs staying the same.

kept the financial funding the same

  • We think that the PROCUREMENT PROGRAMS (P-1R) RESERVE COMPONENTS and PROCUREMENT PROGRAMS (P-1) should stay the same because they provide services and training that will help Operation and maintenance us be ready for outside or inner attacks.
  • Military personnel programs Should stay the same because it helps our country be self efficient and specialised in their profession helping us deal with foreign conflict effectively.
  • CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMS (C-1) Should have the same financial backing because it helps military families get a house when their parent is drafted away.

Buget Cuts