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January 27, 2020

Keeping you Informed

Yesterday was a hard day for me as the news broke about Kobe Bryant passing in a helicopter crash. I admired Kobe and his desire to win and his work ethic but what really upset me was when I heard the news about his daughter on board. I started to tear up on the 55 heading down to meet some friends. Those who know me know I tend to be stoic and try not to show the emotion of sadness, but this really hit home being a father. I stopped coaching high school sports in 2012 so I could spend more time with my kids and family. Kobe was doing it right as I would see him at volleyball tournaments and basketball tournaments around Orange County and Los Angeles coaching his daughters. He ended his basketball career after 20 years to be a dad and put his time into his daughters and family. It is a reminder for all of us that family comes first! Work will always be here but our time with each other is not guaranteed. It happened I was at a former players restaurant yesterday who had lost his brother a year ago and his other brother and mom all showed up and we hung out and drank and told a lot of stories about Blake (brother who passed). Blake and the boys were all huge fans of Kobe and the youngest brother always wore 24 because of Kobe. As we sat drinking and reminiscing about our past times we got more news about others in the helicopter and came to find a classmate from Whittier College and her daughter were on board. I was overrun by emotions again to be reminded that our time here is precious. It also reminded me we have the greatest job on the planet and have an impact on lives day in and day out. National news will not broadcast our death when that time comes but those we impacted will remember what we did for them. No matter how bad yesterday was I look at the impact Kobe had on the world even though most of us have never met him. Each day we are here we have an opportunity to impact others. Take today and each day to remember we have the most important job on this planet and we do make a difference in the lives of our students. Four of those lost yesterday were middle school age and what we do day in and day out makes a difference. Please take the time to hug your loved ones and remember that our time here on earth is short. As David reminds us each week in the WAG "Hug until it hurts".

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