World War 1

The war to end all wars


Infantrymen of the American Expeditionary Force (A. E. F.) who went to France in 1917 were called doughboys. "Doughboys" was a nickname for soldiers who served in the trenches. All doughboys fought on foot. The term "doughboys" is unknown. Some sources say it came from soldiers in the 1850s who cleaned their belts with a dough like clay. Another theory is that the soldiers were covered in dust that made them look like they were covered in flour. The arrival of the A. C. E. turned the tide in favor of the Allies.

No Mans Land

No-Mans- Land was protected by barbwire and machine guns nest soldiers in the frontline trench were always on the lookout for the enemy. They stayed on duty for several days at a time but when they were off duty they stayed in dugouts in the support trenches. Needless to say that they didn't get much rest.




Cavalry was men who fought on horseback. They were armed with guns and swords. The men who fought on foot was known as dragoons was in the 17th and 18th century. Horses were used for the fastest transportation. Every country had its own cavalry.


Propaganda is the attempt to spread an idea or to influenced young boys to join the war. much propaganda was intended to make people hate the enemy. Germany and Great Britain also put up propaganda posters. There were very many propaganda posters during the war all over the world.