The Holocaust

by: Evelyn Stack


When and where did The Holocaust take place?

The Holocaust took place during World War 2 (1939-1945). The Holocaust affected France, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Germany. Germany was affected the most by the Holocaust. In 1933 the very first concentration camp was build. The Holocaust was a tragic time in world history.

Who was Hitler?

Hitler was the Nazi Germany army from 1934-1945.Hitler had five siblings and Hitlers dad died when Hitler was a young child. Hitler did not do well in high school so he dropped out. Hitler wanted to go to college to become an artist but the college rejected him. After he was rejected he got into politics. Also during the first World War he volunteered to fight in the Germany Army. Hitler was born April 20,1889 and he died April 30,1945. Hitler wanted to kill the Jews because he believed that all of Germany's problems were because of the Jews. He also believed that they were of a different race and that they didn't belong. The Jews were not considered people either.

What happened in the concentration camps or when the Jews were captured?

When the Jews were captured they were either killed (shot in the head or with gases), or they were sent to the concentration camps. In the camps they were starved, beaten, or killed. If you were lucky they did not kill you but they would work you long hard hours with no breaks. They would almost never feed you either. Approximately 11 million people died and 1.1 million of them were children. Approximately 6 million of the people that died were Jews.

Schindler's List - Official Trailer [1993]
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas gas chamber scene