Kindergarten News

a closer look at our week

Kid Town Open House

Thank you for joining us at the Kid Town Open House! The citizens loved showing off their places of work and where they like to go. We hope you enjoyed it as well. This week, they were challenged to think of new businesses for Kid Town. Among others, they came up with police station, zoo, art gallery, toy store, and of course, Starbucks. Perhaps they will come back next year for a visit and see one of their ideas in action.

Little Panda

This week there was a shift into informational texts in our group reading activities. During small group guided reading time, we read nonfiction books about the community and as a whole group we read and examined Little Panda by Joanne Ryder. The students are naturally drawn to books like this because they really want to learn more about their world. Hua Mei, the featured panda, grew up right before their eyes as we read and they were fascinated with the story. In between multiple readings, we sequenced the panda cubs growth, looked at key vocabulary, and pulled out true facts we learned.

How-To Writing

Continuing with the informational text theme, we introduced How-To Books in Writing Workshop. During this unit, the students learn how to write with the purpose of teaching others. Our little experts came up with many ideas of things they would like to teach others - everything from "how to brush my teeth" to "how to spin coins". Together, we wrote a book about "how to do a fire drill" and focused on the steps involved. Next, students write their own "how-to" books using their expertise. As they become more proficient, we will see more details and longer books about all sorts of topics.


  • Open Enrollment begins Monday
  • Career Day presentations will be on Tuesday. Students may wear their career outfits all day but this is not a free dress day. If special clothes are not needed for the presentation, uniforms should be worn.
  • Field Trip to Fairwinds Retirement Home is on Thursday
  • Valentine's Day Party is on Friday.
  • Mid-Winter Break is February 15-19.
  • Turn in Jump Rope for Heart donations by February 22nd. Don't forget employer matching programs. If we meet our goal, Blitz (the Seahawks mascot) will come to our school!

This week in your Friday Folders...

  • Homework
  • OPT Pottery Night Information
  • Mid-Winter Break Camp registration form
  • Home and School Connection
  • Jump Rope for Heart update