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August & September Volume 45 / Issue 1

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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

Dear Hamilton-Parsons Families & Community,

Welcome to Hamilton-Parsons 45th year of education where we "Explore, Dream, and Discover!" Hamilton-Parsons Elementary has a long withstanding of educational excellence, pride, and tradition. You will find that Ham-Par is an amazing place within the Romeo community!

We welcome you back, even more so, in these trying times. We believe that learning at Hamilton-Parsons is a shared responsibility where as future leaders students are comfortable and safe to learn at their fullest potential. Our mission defines our purpose: to create learners, leaders and bulldogs forever! Our vision exemplifies our hopes for all of our students: to empower students by teaching life-long habits so that they are prepared to succeed today, tomorrow, and always! We take pride in all that we achieve here at HP!

Our school year begins with a half day on September 8th. School begins at 8:58 a.m. with line up starting at 8:45 a.m. Dismissal is at 12:03 p.m. Our regular school hours for hybrid will begin on September 14th with the day ending at 1:10pm.

Our continued goal is to develop the potential within every child that walks through our doors. In an effort to create that school-to-home partnership, we need you! This year, we will be holding a virtual Curriculum/Meet the Teacher Night. Stay tuned for more information. I look forward to our success as we continue as partners in the process.

Parents, we want to remind you (now more than ever) that students will take your lead even in these trying times. So, for your "supply list or to do item" for the year, bring lots of patience and grace. We promise to do the same. Below is a reminder of "Growth Mindset for Parents" to help you and your child ease into a good mindset for the year. I truly believe an ounce of some of these thoughts will help you and your child both!

As a team, we look forward to synergizing as we work hand-in-hand for another incredible school year....where ANYTHING is possible! While we may be experiencing yet another unique year, learn to enjoy the beauty in the world around you! Explore! Dream! Discover! And this school year will be another incredible one!

With Ham-Par Pride,

Mrs. Andrea Hasse


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Attendance Line:

If your child will not be in school on their assigned cohort day, you must call the school's attendance line to report the absence. Please state: date, first/last name, grade, teacher and reason for the absence. Please do not email the office staff or teacher with notification of absences. Ham-Par’s Attendance Line: 586-281-2050. Please call the mainline for changes in your child’s transportation. Online students, teachers will take attendance during our morning Google Meets.

Picking Up Materials:

Online families, there may be a time that you will need to pick up materials from school. Teachers will prepare a drop box for items to be picked up and will notify you of those dates and times.

School Aged Child Care (SACC):

School Aged Child Care hours are 6:30-8:58 am and 1:10-5:30 pm (step #2 and beyond). SACC will NOT be available on all Remote Days and Wednesdays. HP's SACC entrance can be found at the back (south side of the building/entrance #8). SACC will be following our district-wide safety protocols. If you have questions or wish to participate, please contact Jeanine Beck, Director of Early Childhood and SACC Services at: jeanine.beck@romeok12.org or call (586) 752-0314. HP's SACC entrance can be found at the back (south side of the building/entrance #8). SACC will be following our district-wide safety protocols.

Breakfast & Lunch Services:

Information about how to preorder breakfast and/or lunch meal services has been shared by Dr. Robinson and is also available on our website.

Arrival & Dismissal:

Please read the important information included below in this newsletter. Please know we will have lots of grace and patience when it comes to this protocol. Morning arrival time is about about 15 minutes in length which even at full capacity (non-cohort times) would allow enough families to drop off their child to school. It will take patience and adjustments perhaps but we will work hard to get this as easeful as possible! Please plan on sharing this information with your child so they know their teacher's exit door # and the procedure on this will work.


Students are expected to wear a mask. Please label your child's mask (in the inside, please, if possible). Gaiter style masks are ok. Shields are ok if they have a doctors approved note stating they cannot tolerate a mask. They must be on file in our school office. Our school has purchased lanyards to attach to masks so they are not misplaced. Lanyards will be left at school. In effort to have a smooth start to the school year, please bring notify Mrs. Elter of this ahead of time. Please contact Mrs. Elter, Health Aide, if you have any more concerns.

Snacks for School:

Classrooms will have a break and snack period. Great choices for snack include: fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, granola bars, pretzels, yogurt etc. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged as well. No drinking fountains are available at this time. Classroom teachers will further address break times and the snack policy in their classrooms as well as allergy concerns. Classrooms that are tree nut, peanut, or dairy free (or any other allergy) information will be sent home specifically about the classroom and safe snacks. Expectations for this includes birthday snacks and parties. Snack time will occur at students' individual desks or outdoors.


Students will have recess daily as well. Please ensure proper footwear is worn to school each day.


Students will be playing with their classmates where they will have rotating access to the playground (in zones) while under their classroom teacher's supervision. This is to minimize safety/ and school-wide contact. Students will be expected to sanitize and/or wash their hands when returning to the classroom. Masks will be put back on as they enter the building. In times of possible inclement weather, classrooms will be encouraged to take a walk break/mask break outside the building if possible.

Suggested School Supplies:

School supply lists for all grade levels can be found on our website. The drop down 'School Supply List' is near the bottom of the page. We understand if supplies are limited and you were unable to find specific items. Online learning students, more information regarding supplies will be provided by your child's teacher.


Students that are required to take medication at school must have a completed form turned into the office for the current school year. Medication must stay in the office and not in the child's desk nor backpack. Medication must be in original packaging. Medication forms can be found on our website. Click here to be directed to the website for forms. (Please see information under the 'Parents and Students' tab). Mrs. Elter is taking appointments to collect forms and medication so that this is completed for the school year and does not have to be done on the first day.

Visitors & Volunteers:

We love our parent support but due to the nature of the current times, no visitors or volunteers will be allowed to enter the building at this time. You can expect regular communication through our secure entrance and bell/PA system. We will also have a drop off cart where items can be dropped off for a student during the school day.


Transportation availability and routing information can be found on our website or by calling the Transportation Department directly at: (586) 752-0267. Riding on a different bus is not permitted at this time. Masks are to be required to be worn by students.

Personal items:

We ask that students DO NOT bring personal items each day to school.

RCS Devices:

Students are asked to bring their device with them to school each day and charged 80% or more.

NEW Student Code of Conduct:

Student expectations for Romeo Community Schools can be found online. Please visit the 'Parent Students' tab on our website to review the dress code, attendance policy, discipline policy etc.

Birthday Treats:

At Ham-Par, we believe birthdays are an important part of a child's life and we want to recognize them at school. Children's birthdays are announced on our daily broadcast and can get a birthday bag from Mrs. Hasse in the office. Due to our current times, we ask that you share (if you desire) a NON-FOOD surprise instead. (Example: a pencil, eraser etc). At this time, NO FOOD TREATS WILL BE PERMITTED. Feel free to discuss other ideas with your child's teacher.

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*NEW* Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

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Parking Lot Safety

Key Agreements:

  • Families drop off in the drop off areas only. Our goal is to create a long drop off line along the sidewalk from the doors down by SACC/green yellow recycle bin, all the way until our blue school sign. Thus, many cars/students can be dropped off at once.

  • Parents do NOT go in the bus loop.

  • Parents nor students will walk in between busses even if the busses are parked.

  • If you choose to park and walk your child to their morning arrival spot, use caution and watch for vehicles from the drop off lot. Abide by all regular parking rules, including leaving handicap spaces for drivers with the proper designation. Do not block driveways or the bus loop.

In the end, Ham-Par staff and families agree to all “wins” to promote safety, consideration, and student convenience in student drop-off and pick up lanes.

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P.A.W.S: Parents At Work in our School

P.A.W.S. will certainly look different this year. Mrs. Hasse is hoping to still hold meetings virtually to discuss happenings in the school and ways you can support your student at home. DATES/TIMES TO COME!

What is P.A.W.S.?

The HP P.A.W.S. group is a parent-based community working towards school events and improvement for our students/community; a fancy name for PTO.

Who can be involved?

Any parent, guardian, grandparent and/or caregiver looking to invest time and effort in helping to make our school great. Many viewpoints and hands make our P.A.W.S. unique and spectacular!

What do we do?

We are responsible for bridging the gap between families and the school. We provide many projects and activities to get children and families involved outside of the normal school day. Some activities are free of charge and some help raise money to be used towards needs in our school.

What do the funds raised go towards?

During previous years, P.A.W.S. was able to provide Leader in Me funding, purchase new playground equipment, easels throughout the school, new tables and chairs for our upper el classroom pod areas, books for the library and books for the classrooms, new stage curtains, additional staff trainings….and much more!

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Hamilton-Parsons Elementary

The Michigan School Index System measures public school performance in six key areas—student growth, student proficiency, school quality/student success, graduation rate, English Learner progress, and assessment participation. Hamilton-Parsons Elementary is rated as one of the top schools in the county!

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary is a Y5-5 elementary school in Romeo Community Schools. Ham-Par, for short, is Michigan's 120th Leader in Me school and the first school in Romeo to adopt the LIM processes as a part of best practice from the Franklin Covey Foundation.

Vision Statement: We choose to empower students by teaching life-long habits so that they are prepared to succeed today, tomorrow, and always.

Mission Statement: Hamilton-Parsons... Learners, Leaders, Bulldogs Forever!

Mrs. Andrea Hasse, Ed.S., principal

Mrs. Lisa Armstrong, secretary