Circulatory System

By: Luchia.C and Savannah.P

Main Function

Transports oxygen, nutrients, and wastes through the body and the blood.

Main Parts

The main parts are heart, spleen, arteries, veins, blood vessles.

What Each Part Does

Heart: Pumps blood through your body. Blood Vessles: Blood leaves your heart. Spleen: Helps other systems even its self.

How Does This System Affect Other Body Systems

The Circulatory System effects other systems by:    Nervous System:  It could cause serious damage to the nerves that can caude special needs for many nerves.   Digestive System: It could cause cancer {liver, kidney, heart}, bladder infections and many others like the any type of liver infections.   Skelatal System: It could cause disease's or illness.   Mussclar System: It could cause loss of blood and, then cause cramps.

How Do Other Body Systems Affect This System

Most of the other systems make the Circalutory System's blood decress another one is that they make the system have disease's or illness.

Some Problems (disease/illness) of this system

The other body systems cause cancer {heart, brest, liver, kidney, and many more}, illnesses {the flu, colds, sore throt}, and diseases {blood disease, COPD}.

effects of environmental factors on the system

Cancer,alerges, diseases.

3 fun Facts about the system

1. It keeps your body alive.

2. Keeps your heart pumping.

3. Helps cure illnesses.

Resources used

Harcourt Science Book