Electromagnetic Waves

by Kayla Shore

What kind of disturbance creates an electromagnetic wave?

-A vibrating electric charge

-This disturbance then causes a wave to form

What are two ways that EM waves are different from mechanical waves?

- Electromagnetic waves do not require a medium (EM waves can travel through a vacuum)

- Electromagnetic waves unlike mechanical have an electric and magnetic component

Ranges of Electromagnetic Waves-

Lowest Frequency

Radio- used for television and radio

Microwaves- used for cooking

Infrared- used in grills, heaters, and fiber optic communication

Visible Light- used to see (only one on the spectrum humans can see)

Ultraviolet- used in tanning beds and in fluorescent lights

X-Rays- used to gain a clear view of bones under skin and tissues

Gamma-Rays- Used to fight cancer and sterilize surgical equipment

Highest Frequence

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