U.S and China

Issue one: protectionism

The Untied states Doesn't want to trade certain high-tech goods with China due to China's communist economy

Solution to issue one: compromise

To solve this problem the United States needs to allow China to buy certain goods and China needs to use the goods in any way without affecting the U.S in any negative way

Issue Two: Trade Imbalance

China's and The United States have an unequal amount of trade. China has a greater of exports than imports which is due to the first issue "protectionism"
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Solution to issue two: Balance Trade

The United states needs to manufacture more China friendly goods and actually allow China to purchase them

Issue Three: Be Dependent

The United States and China are to dependent on each other and don't agree with each others ideas
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Solution to Issue Three: Departing

To help this issue The U.S and China need to find Other Countries to trade with and be more open-minded with each others ideas

For example: China is communist

U.S is free-market they can't trade certain goods This would also help with the Trade Imbalance and would be a win win situation

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