Oil Well Drillers

By: Max Strehlow

About the job

    • You will sometimes have to work long hard hours
    • You have to fix the rigs if they malfunction
    • You have to monitor the rigs
    • You find oil pockets to drill
    • You inspect the rigs to make sure they are working right
    • All you need is a high school dagree
    • A collage degree in machine technology is recommended.
    • The major assosiation is the IADC
    • The demand for this job has not been this high since be fore the Great Depression
    • And there will always be demand for this job
    • If the keystone pipeline get built the will need thousands of workers and will pay top Dallas if you have experience


Good pay

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Long hours

Not a desk job so you stay fit

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inconsistent hours

Can get paid a lot of money a week

------------------------------------------------------------------Not the same amount of money per week

IADC (international association of drilling contractors)

Education- all you NEED is a high school degree BUT a collage dagree in mechanical engineering is recommended