Tasmanian Tiger

Gone extinct since 1930s

The Tasmanian Tiger:

Tasmanian tigers, also known as thylacine, lived in places like Tasmania, Australia, and New Guinea. They were around 4 feet, and 75 pounds. They preyed on kangaroos, small rodents, birds, etc. The last recorded sighting was in the 1930s. They eventually went extinct due to hunting and habitat loss.
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Should they be revived?

Tasmanian tigers should not be revived because they would not be any help to us and even if it may be good for scientists to revive them once again, there are a lot of reasons why not to revive them. Earth has changed a lot since back then, and maybe the tigers’ adaptations won’t really help them in modern times. Also, reviving takes a lot of money, and there isn’t much chance that it would be a success anyway.

Random fact!

People who saw the animal reported that it could open its jaw nearly 180 degrees wide!!!