Patriots v. Loyalists

Fight for Freedom


What is a patriot? Loyalist? A patriot is a person who supports their country and is prepared to defend against enemies or detractors. A loyalist is someone who remains loyal to the established ruler (the king) or government (parliament), especially in the face of a revolt. Most people during the American Revolution were patriots, however 20 percent were loyalist.

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Most people were patriots or whigs during this time period. People came to the colonies to break free from the king. The action of being a patriot is called patriotism. Philadelphia is one city that patriots were most present in. Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington were some of the most famous patriots. These men stood up for that they believed in. I do agree with what they did to fight for not only their freedom but mine, and people to come freedom. One of the most famous patriot battles in my opinion, is the Battle of Saratoga, not only did the patriots win. They made General Burgoyne surrender to the patriots. The Battle of Saratoga was also one of the major turning points for the American Revolution.


Often people called loyalists "Tories", "King's Men", or even "Royalists". Only about 20 percent of people were loyalist during the American Revolution. These people were the ones who stay loyal to the king but wanted to have certain freedoms that they could not have in Great Britain. One of the most famous loyalist was William Franklin, Ben Franklin's son. New York City and parts of New Jersey had a lot of loyalists. After the war ended many of the loyalists fleeted to parts of Canada. Many loyalists practiced Anglicanism, while patriots were more free of who they wanted to praise.

If I lived during this time what would I be? Patriot or Loyalists?

I would be a patriot no doubt. I am all for American freedom! I love all the things that we can do without being persecuted. Many people in now-a-days people are all caught up in social media, I try to learn as much as a I can about the past so that when I get into the real outside world I can be ready for anything that comes my way.


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