Extra! Extra!

Week 31

Multiplication and Celebration party!

With the year wrapping up, students will have a day of celebration for their accomplishments on multiplication and their hard work this year!

Games and munchies

When: Friday April 24, 2015

During the second half of the day, students will be aloud to take it easy and play age appropriate board games brought from home. They will then watch a movie and relax with their ice cream celebration they have earned by working hard on their multiplication facts this year. If your child wishes to bring a special snack, they are more than welcome too. We will be snaking after lunch so it will not interfere with our appetites.


With six weeks left of school, students will continue to get extra help in small group and work on Read Natural and ISTATIONS during the school day. There will not be tutorial groups before or after school. Any students with missing assignments will need to complete work during study hall and possibly after school on an as needed basis.