Lost Liberty Research

Database Overview

Essential Questions

  • What is liberty?
  • Who is entitled to liberty?
  • What causes people to lose their liberty?

What are we doing?

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Where do you find information for notes?

For this project, you're using databases.

A database is an organized collection of related data accessible through a network or website.

WHERE they are located

The THS Library Website has a databases link called ONLINE DATABASES


  • Some of our databases are FREE through a state consortia called the Tennessee Electronic Library or TEL (e.g. Student Resources in Context & Gale PowerSearch).
  • Some of our databases are PAID subscriptions through the library, so that you can have access to the best resources available (e.g. JSTOR & ABC-CLIO).

Now What?

Your Task

  1. SEARCH for your topic on our databases.
    (Hint: Use Research in Context, Student Resources, and/or GVRL)
  2. RECORD the MLA Citation for your article.
  3. RECORD notes that overview your topic
  4. RECORD notes that explain how your topic "lost liberty."


  • You need to cite (give credit to the author) your article(s) for this assignment.
  • You will use Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting for your citation.
  • You are in luck because MOST databases will generate this for you (Note: usually at the bottom of the article OR there's a CITATION link to the side of the article)
  • If a database does NOT provide the citation, then you have to make it (see back of handout for format).

Overview Notes: What are you looking for?

  • Who is this person/group?
  • Why are they remembered?
  • When did they live?

Liberty Lost Notes: What are you looking for?

  • How did this person/group “lose” liberty?
  • Why did this person/group lose liberty?
  • How long were they without liberty?

Can't access a database?

Username: thsstudent
Password: vikings

In-Text Citation

If author is provided: (Last)

If author is not provided: ("First Three Words")
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