Blow Away Wind

By: Emilia McGoldrick


Winds is the movement of air caused by differences of air pressure. Winds are caused by uneven heating of the earth from the sun.

Local Winds

local winds are uneven heating in a small area on earth's surface. Local winds are created by uneven/unequal heating of the earth from the sun. Local winds form when the large scale winds are weak.Sea breezes blow to the land from the water. However a land breeze blows to the water from the land, the opposite of a sea breeze.

Global Winds

Global Winds are uneven heating in large areas, the opposite of Local Winds. Global winds are created by the combination of pressure belts and the Coriolis Effect. The cold winds are sinking and the warm air rising up in the equator making a big convection current.

Horse Latitudes

Horse latitudes occur 30 degrees north and south. Which means that the horse latitudes are very weak. Deserts are most located here because horse latitude is very dry.

Trade Winds

Trade Winds are winds that blow 30 degrees close/almost to the equator. Trade winds got it's name because it was used by early sailors.

Jet Steams

Jet Streams separates the cool air from the warm air. Jet Stream blow in the upper Troposphere and lower Stratosphere and are narrow belts of high speed winds.

Prevailing Easterlies

Prevailing Easterlies are from the poles to 60 degrees latitude. Prevailing Easterlies are formed from cold sinking air moving from the pole creating cold air.
Winds Blow Song