Staff Memo Exeter Primary School

Tuesday 9 May

Term 2

Hello everyone,

Thank you Peter for a great cross country on Friday. Weather was great and student participation was excellent.

With NAPLAN testing this week it will be a busy week for many. Thank you to Amy for organising the NAPLAN time table and sorting tests ready for Tuesday.

Have a great week.



Briefing 8-25 am

LIL - B4 School Playgroup 9-00 am until 10-30 am


NAPLAN Assessments - Language Conventions and Grammar after recess Writing

Staff meeting - Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey - follow up, sentence work and whole school editing framework


LIL Gym Fun 9-10 am to 10-10 am

NAPLAN Assessment - Reading

Grade one Excursion to Hagley Farm School


NAPLAN Assessment - Mathematics

SM - Grade Team Planning


Pre Kinder 9-05 am to 10-35 am and 11-35 am to 1-05 pm

Alida Quigley - Relief - 1-00 pm to 3-00 pm

Classroom Safety Checklists

In your pigeon holes I have put a classroom safety checklist, can you please fill these in and return to Sheryl by the 10th May or asap.

It is an audit requirement that these are done. Thank you in anticipation Sheryl


Timetables will be emailed to Grade 3 and 5 teachers. Materials will be available for collection from Amy's office, the morning of the tests. Please ensure you collect the materials indicated for your class and grade. Small groups will need to be sent to the respective areas, as indicated on the NAPLAN timetable. Senior staff will collect these students for the first session on Tuesday and then classroom teachers will need to send them 5 mins before testing is due to start.

All classes will be provided with fruit for their groups. The requirement for all classes is that teachers take their students to areas indicated on the timetable for a run/ laps around your area before your testing in the mornings, for 5-10 mins, followed by 5 mins to eat some fruit. Then tests are to begin. Please see Amy if you have any questions.

Staff Fund Accounts

Staff fund accounts will be placed in pigeon holes next week. Please note that these can now only be paid by cash or cheque - no eftpos.

Staff Car Park

The staff car park is becoming a real safety risk to children as an increasing number of parents are using this area for school pick ups. We will be closing the entrance each afternoon about 2.30 which will cause problems for those staff member who are leaving straight after school. If you are one of those people who will be affected can you please discuss with Alison or Sheryl.

Swimming Caps

In Grade 3, 4 and 5 teachers’ pigeon holes are swimming caps in readiness for the Swimming and Water Safety Programme, there is a list with them with the houses that the students are in, can you distribute the correct colour to relevant child, that way they can be used for our swimming carnival later on in the year.

These need to be named with a permanent pen.

Morning Duty

Please remind students the climbing equipment is out of bounds before school for safety reasons, as we do not have staff who are able to stay and ensure their safety. If children are playing on equipment please sit them on the seats until the bell rings.


1 G/P - Cross Country

Growth Mindset

RSA ANIMATE: How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential