By: Haley Hunter

Assuming the states dept....

It was the federalists governments job to assume the debt. Hamilton had a plan for the bank, it would make everything simple and easier, the senate passed it on January 20, 1719. James Madison was worried about the bank being placed in Philadelphia. As the bank bill reached George Washington and Thomas Jefferson they called a veto on the bank bill, it was defeated. Federalists supported the bank bill but no one else did so it didn't stay.

Creation of a National Bank

Hamilton thought "Europe has a bank, why shouldn't America have one?" After Hamilton became the Secretary of Treasury he created a case for the bank. They proposed the bank of the United States with a $10 million capital. Then they started to print out money. It was based in Philadelphia and would be chartered for 20 years. The federalists were ok with this act to help the country, they supported it.

French Revolution

The federalists look at he revolution with skepticism, they were not sure how it would turn out. So the federalists and Democratic Republicans thought they were would lead to economic disaster and possibility of invasion.

Power of the National Government

The Federalists supported a strong National Government. The Democratic-Republicans did not. They believed that the National Government should share equal power with the state Government. When people voted for what the thought was right, the Federalists won. Now we have a strong national government.

Alien and Sedition Acts

While many of the federalists party was off fighting against the French, the Congressional Federalists passes 4 laws to help. These laws included Naturalization Act, Alien Act, Alien Enemies Act. the Naturalization act was used to require all residents in the US for 14 instead of 5 years before they could become a US citizen. The Alien Act granted the president power to deport during peace time on any non-US citizen. The Alien Enemies Act permitted the federal government to arrest, deport or imprison belonging to an enemy nation in war with the United States. The Federalists supported all these ideas.

War with Britain in 1812

The Federalist lost support after this war. The United States was out numbered and couldn't fight anymore. There fore federalists new it would happen.