Nov./Dec. Book of the Month

Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds

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About the Book

Rafael has been waiting all year for the Going Places contest. Each student will get a kit with instructions to build a go-cart that they'll enter in the race. He is great at following instructions so his go-cart looks just like the picture. He is satisfied until he sees that his classmate, Maya, is thinking outside the box: WAY outside the box. Rafael and Maya learn that being creative and stretching their brains is the true way to win in life!

About the Challenge

You will design and build a prototype of your very own vehicle! Let your imagination run wild and think outside the box like Rafael and Maya. What kind of vehicle will it be? Will it be a vehicle that exists now or will it be an original design or a vehicle of the future?

The Vehicle Constraints

  • Your vehicle must include a cardboard paper tube such as a toilet paper or paper towel tube. How you use the tube is up to you.
  • Use common craft supplies and recyclable materials for your vehicle such as rubber bands, paper, index cards, cardboard, craft sticks, etc.

Demonstrate Your Vehicle

Use the Koma Koma app on an iPad to create a stop motion video that shows how your vehicle would move. The Koma Koma app is available for download on Meraki. Fifth graders who need to borrow an iPad should talk to Mrs. Wagner or Mrs. Vorachard.

Follow these steps:

  1. create your video using Koma Koma
  2. save your video to your iPad camera roll
  3. upload your video to your Google Drive
  4. share your video with your teacher through Google Drive
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Koma Koma Workshops

If you need help creating your Koma Koma video bring your vehicle prototype and your iPad to the Library Learning Commons:

Kindergarten and 5th Grades- December 4 @ 2:15

1st and 4th Grades- December 5 @2:15

2nd and 3rd Grades- December 6 @2:15

Prototype and Video Due Dates

Bring your vehicle prototype to the Library Learning Commons and make sure your Koma Koma video is shared with your teacher through Google Drive no later than Friday, December 7.

I can't wait to display your amazing vehicle creations and make a slideshow of your videos for everyone to see!