Advertising and Promotions Manager

"Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great"

What is an Advertising and Promotions Manager?

  • Advertising and Promotions Manager helps develop advertising and sales contracts
  • They also plan advertising campaign
  • They help supervise campaign teams
  • They prepare promotional material to increase sales
  • They also confer with clients to provide marketing or technical advice

What are the working conditions?

  • They work in a comfortable office
  • They usually work more than 40 hours a week
  • They have many deadlines, which cause them to work even more hours
  • They have to communicate with others efficiantly
  • They work at a desk

What degree and training do they require?

  1. To be an Advertising and Promotions Manager, you have to have a Bachelor's Degree.
  2. A class required is Buisness Law and Management.

What is the Yearly Salary Range?

  1. In Virginia, the yearly range is $41,830 to $178,810.

By Nicole Period 4