100 Meter Dash

By: Manasa Velamuri

History of the 100 Meter Dash

The 100m dash men's Olympic event has been in the Olympics since the very first one in 1896, and has left many joyful memories. The women's 100m dash was not added until 1928 but it is still cherished by the audience as much as the men's event. The 100m dash is the shortest sprinting event in the olympics and one of the most popular.

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Battle of the Genders

Though the men's 100m dash have better times then the women, the women may be improving faster then the men. By anilyzimg the past events of the 100m dash, I will be able to see if the men or the women are increasing faster.

The Math Behind The 100m Dash

The data shown below uses linear regression and future predictions to show trends in the speed of both men and women in the 100m dash. With these charts, you can see which gender is improving faster in the 100m dash.

Scatter Plot

The scatter plot shows the men and women's times. The x's are the women's times and the squares are the men's times.
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Linear Regression

The lines show the rate at which they are improving. The red line represents the women and the blue line represents the men.
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