Feel classy already?

Dine in grace

Our food will make you feel a gold crown is placed on top of your head for reasonable prices. It's classy yet subtle. The warm fresh smells fill up the atmosphere and make you sigh in satisfaction. Come and join us inside or outside if you would like to enjoy the sights of vintage times.


Prosciutto Di Parma

A delicate, thinly sliced italian cured ham which will bring your taste buds back to life without filling your stomach to your extreme. It will leave you breathless and willing to have more.

Goat Cheese with Crackers

Purely made goat cheese with a side of water crackers and dates. Snack on these dates and crackers to refresh your mouth and get a taste of what's next to come to you.

Olive Plate

Try three types of fresh olives which will satisfy you instantly but still leaving room for more. Take a nice trip to Greece and bathe in the insightful tastes.


Oven roasted chicken

Beautifully roasted chicken glazed with a lemon zest vinaigrette will bring you back home. The taste of oven roasted chicken brings you back to life.

Clam chowder

The warm tastes of the seaside brings you to the beach without even lifting a finger. Your taste buds will be dancing very soon.

Fresh shrimp cocktail

The fresh succulent shrimp with savory cocktail sauce will make you sigh with satisfaction. It's classy and flavorful.


freshly grilled salmon & asparagus

Fresh salmon grilled on an outdoor grill soaked in a vinaigrette made up of oil, dijon mustard, and vinegar with a side of freshly picked asparagus. It takes your to the seaside and a little cozy farm at the same time.

tomatoes, pesto, and handmade pasta

This handmade pasta made by our finest chef will amaze you by adding a touch of pesto and freshly picked tomatoes from our own organic garden.The tastes cease to let you go and refresh your taste buds with organic ingredients.

Roast beef & potatoes

Roast beef with a side order of an organic potato salad brings you to the kings feast without you having to walk around. The potato salad consists of potatoes, vinegar, onions, green beans, etc.


Old-fashioned Lemon Sorbet

Our tangy old fashioned sorbet will bring a taste of a fresh life back to you. The classic lemon sorbet will surely bring a smile to your face.

Chocolate Mousse & Fresh Raspberries

Soft, smooth chocolate moose garnished with juicy red raspberries.

Blueberry Cheesecake

A tangy cheesecake balanced with the sharp, sweet flavor of blueberries.